Event Publicity & Ticket Sales

SOHS has volunteers and staff who help manage event publicity and ticket sales. Each committee or individual planning an event is asked to follow these guidelines to assure publicity is coordinated, accurate and effective.


As soon as a date is determined for an event, contact the person in charge of SOHS publicity and the Marketing Committee. As of 7/7/20, those are Pam Sasseen (psasseen1@charter.net) and Carolyn Kingsnorth.

Marketing Committee Guidelines

1. Ordinarily, committees prepare the draft artwork and text for their promotional material. If help is needed in this, please contact the Marketing Committee. Please review guidelines for Flyers (below).

2. Program chairs or coordinators are asked to submit draft text and artwork one week in advance of distribution to Marketing Committee Chair, Pam Sasseen. An oversight board composed of Marketing Committee members will review the release and provide suggestions and/or sign off within two days of receipt.

3. Event Coordinators are requested to prepare proposed text to be used in a Press Release (PR) and submit it to the Marketing committee no less than 35 days prior to the event. You don’t need to be concerned with “how you say what you say.” Once the Marketing Committee has reviewed the request, the text will be reformatted and distributed to the Media as a PR. (Media includes SOHS contacts for social media and the website).

4. SOHS flyers and other visual products need to contain the Society Logo without distortion in its 2017 revised “Making History Together” format. Digital copies of the logo can be obtained directly from the Marketing Committee chair, and also from the SOHS Research Library.

5. All SOHS historic photographs are to be attributed and numbered with the form: “SOHS #__________”.

6. Verbal or written Releases need to be obtained for photographs. For school groups written approval by parent or guardian are required.


SOHS does not currently adhere to standards concerning fonts or colors on flyers. It does require the current SOHS logo in a reasonable size. The Marketing Committee, or a person designated by the Committee, approves each flyer before it is released. In addition, be sure to include: 

  • Activity
  • Description
  • Place
  • Date(s)
  • Time(s). Be sure to include time details, such as “doors open at 2, concert begins at 3”
  • Costs, include all ticket prices. SOHS members generally pay a lower price than adults. If children's tickets are separate, be sure to give the age, “Children under 13”
  • Where to go for more information and/or tickets (generally the website - see information below).
  • Sponsors
  • Logo (note details given above)


Pat Harper, the SOHS volunteer webmaster, posts events. Contact her at webmaster@sohs.org (if she is unavailable, contact an SOHS staff member).

When you create a flyer, include a link to the website for more information and/or reservations. Contact the webmaster in advance so the link on the flyer will be specific. For example, a link could be sohs.org/picnic instead of just sohs.org/node/####.

When you are ready to post an event, send Pat:

A graphic, preferably as a jpg, 640 x 480 px, but Pat can resize/crop if needed

Text, preferably as txt or in a Word document, Google Doc, etc. If you just send Pat the flyer as a pdf, she will do what she can with it, but that requires more time

If you want registration for a free event, Pat can set that up for you

Links to the payment process set up for ticket sales (note that Pat isn't responsible for setting up ticket sales)

Sponsor information, including their logos

A banner image for the sohs.org front page, if desired. This has to be sized as 1120 x 300.

After Pat has set up an event she will send a link to the page. Review the link and let her know if there are errors or omissions.

Ticket Sales

In order to sell tickets online, SOHS staff or a volunteer has to set up a payment process. One process does not suit every event type, so it is important to select the best process. Then someone has to set up the payment system and provide the links to the webmaster so those links may be added to the website event page. Suggested process:

FREE SIGNUPS – use the registration process on the sohs.org website or Go Passage (free for free events)

SIMPLE EVENTS – this means one event time, not multiple performances. Use PayPal or Go Passage.

HAUNTED FIELD – use Haunt Pay

COMPLEX EVENTS – multiple performance times with limited audience size. Use Go Passage (same software as Haunt Pay)

Go Passage pricing: https://gopassage.com/pricing/  Processing fee: 2.75% +.30 AND Service fee: 1.25% +.25. The service fee shown includes the nonprofit discount, which does not appear on the pricing page. It was verified via CHAT on gopassage.com (7/7/20)

PayPal Pricing: Link (2.9% +.30 per transaction, 7/7/20)

NOTE: Other online ticket providers are available. Give Lively was rejected because it requires a STRIPE account, which seems too complex for SOHS's purposes. Even though Give LIveily is "free", STRIPE charges are equivalent to PayPal. Others were rejected for cost or complexity for users. This could be revisited, of course.