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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)
252 Steve O 1636 Ross Lane Central Point
80b Barnum Hotel Sample Room Medford
138 Cooley and Neff Building 340 North Fir Street Medford
351 F. Corning Kenly House (Glenview Orchard) Carpenter Hill Road Medford
444 Porter Neff House 516 Belmont Medford
458 Unnamed 610 South Oakdale Street Medford
206 Riverside Motel Grants Pass
539 Porter Lumber Company Residence Northeast corner of Queen Anne and Lindley Medford
293 Thomas Swem House 38 Ross Court Medford
160 Unnamed 20 Medford
159 Hargrove Business Block Planned First Ave. (Pioneer) & E. Main Ashland
405 Charles S. Black Lodge on Rogue River
49 Kimball Fruit Packing Company (?) North Grape Street Medford
226 Thomas Whiteford House 6062 Adams Road Talent
57 Medford Country Club Building (original) 2660 Hillcrest Road Medford