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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)
188 Johnson/Trowbridge House 1625 East Main Street Medford
160 Unnamed 20 Medford
49 Kimball Fruit Packing Company (?) North Grape Street Medford
248 Wilton White House 3660 Kirtland Drive Central Point
130 West Side School 3070 Ross Lane Central Point
57 Medford Country Club Building (original) 2660 Hillcrest Road Medford
347 Warehouse Tenth and Medford
800 Chapel of the Rocks and Roses, Chapel Mortuary On South Oakdale at King Street Medford
412 R. L. Coe Building Sixth and E Streets Medford
203 Medford School Administration Building Monroe Street Medford
385 Unnamed 649 B Street Grants Pass
RR23 McQueen 2136 Hillcrest Rd. Medford
507 Talent Gymnasium 307 W. Wagner (?) Talent
290 Clarence Lane House Laurel Street near North Main Ashland
542 Walter Quisenberry House 3-Minor 715 South Oakdale Avenue Medford