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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)
RR14 Fuson Findley 2005 East Main St. Medford
247 Williamson House 2650 Beall Lane Central Point
RR7 Owens 22 North Berkeley Way Medford
13 F. E. Watson House 33 Strawberry Lane Ashland
66 Kay Building 34 South Fir Medford 89206.00
345 Dr. Sherwood House 523 Newton Street Medford
427 Cornell House 421 B Street Grants Pass
202 Otto Frohnmayer House 1656 Spring Medford
437 Unnamed 670 Siskiyou Boulevard Ashland
521 George Harrington House 208 Bradford Way Medford
276 Bohall House South of 3654 South Pacific Highway Medford
155 Edwin T. Burleson House 31 Barneburg Street Medford
9 F. E. Merrick House 839 East Main Stret Medford
393 Evans Valley School
46h Hillcrest Orchard, Packing House 3285 Hillcrest Road Medford 13919.00