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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort descending Photo(s)
53 Littrell Building 2-Secondary 319 East Sixth Street Medford 89196.00
84 Blood House 701 South Oakdale Street Medford 89244.00
396 Zion Lutheran Church 1-Primary 508 North Fourth Street Medford
422 Unnamed 528 South Grape Street Medford
136 Gerald A. Cottingham House 1329 Queen Anne Medford
189b Page Theatre Building South side East Main near Bear Creek Medford
181 Constance Ames House 423 Park Street Medford
311 Firestone Building, Oregon Carpet Exchange 3-Minor 33 South Riverside Avenue Medford
533 John Moffatt House 3-Minor 34 North Berkeley Way Medford
85 Grey House 714 South Oakdale Street Medford 89245.00
189c Page Theatre Building No.2, "Roxy Theatre" South side East Main near Bear Creek Medford
299 E. H. Evans House 1216 East Main Street Medford
534 L. P. Older House 1-Primary 38 North Berkeley Way Medford
88 Spatz House 992 South Oakdale Medford
398 June Earhart House 2-Secondary 945 South Riverside Avenue Medford 89188.00