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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)
199 Porter Lumber Co. Building S.W. Corner Fir and Ninth Medford
75 Medford Airport Newell Barber Field South Pacific Highway Medford
266 Ed Miller House South Pacific Highway Medford
441 Alfred Jack House 125 Almond Ashland
150 Morris B. Leonard House 2503 Hillcrest Road Medford
454 Unnamed 318 South Second Medford
365 Medford City Hall Remodel Fifth & Front Streets Medford
532 Jorgen E. Jorgenson 1913 Hillcrest (original house burned) Medford
218 Prospect Elementary School 34 Mill Creek Drive Prospect
New48c H. D. McCasky garage 2910 Table Rock Rd Medford
307 Pomeroy 21612 Antioch Road Central Point
18 C. I. Hutchinson House 1-Primary 1306 West Main Street Medford 89259.00
489 McDonough Unknown location
179 American Fruit Growers Building East side S. Fir between W. 9th & 10th Medford
56b Medford Airport Hangar 3650 Biddle Road Medford