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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)sort ascending
528 W. E. Hammell House Crater Lake Highway
198 Edward Kubli House 1138 Applegate Road
485 Enders Unknown location
119 Charles Rose House, Clark Cottage 1-Primary 550 East Main Street Ashland
322 J. J. Emmons House Remodel 2-Secondary 1443 East Main Street Medford
149 Unnamed Lake of the Woods
360 Unnamed 980 West Park Street Grants Pass
381 Unnamed 788 NW Third Grants Pass
22 Henry Van Hoevenberg House 1-Primary 9130 Ramsey Canyon Road Gold Hill
Not SOHS 1 First Baptist Church 241 Hargadine Ashland
307 Pomeroy 21612 Antioch Road Central Point
74 Big Y Shopping Center
538 Unknown (Ben Trowbridge Sr.) 2-Secondary 202 Barneburg Road Medford
240 Truman Nelson House 1362 Kings Highway Medford
529 Clem Clymer House Unknown location (RR#3)