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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort ascending Photo(s)
258 A. W. Pipes House Queen Anne Street (?) Medford
62 F. K. Deuel House 1-Primary 1018 South Oakdale Street Medford 89256.00
175 C. M. Thomas House Pergola 52 Ross Court Medford
RR7 Owens 22 North Berkeley Way Medford
294 Merkle House 2-Secondary 39 Summit Street Medford
548 Groceteria Site of Educational Service District Medford
37 Delroy Getchell House 1-Primary 1121 South Oakdale Street Medford 89270.00
401 Pantorium Southeast corner Holly and West Sixth Medford
9 F. E. Merrick House 839 East Main Stret Medford
90 Medford Natatorium 120 North Riverside Avenue Medford
115 Walter Hoppe House 1806 East Main Street Medford
484 Dr. Sweeney House Unknown location (2336 Table Rock Rd) Medford
210 V.F.W. Building Medford
63 Cooley Building, Craterian Theatre Building 2-Secondary 39 South Central Avenue Medford 89200.00
177 C. E. Gates House 1-Primary 1307 Queen Anne Avenue Medford