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Image Site Number Namesort descending National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)
457 Unnamed 608 South Qakdale Street Medford
458 Unnamed 610 South Oakdale Street Medford
459 Unnamed North Peach and West Main Streets Medford
71 Unnamed 1840 South Stage Road Medford
72 Unnamed 1984 Orchard Home Drive Medford
222 Unnamed 6041 Rogue River Highway
494 V. Katrina Unknown location
210 V.F.W. Building Medford
RR12 Van Dyke 7 Glen Oak Court Medford
SOHS 5 Varsity Theater in Ashland
21 Victor Bursell House 1-Primary 3075 Hanley Road Central Point
399 Victor Mills House 2-Secondary 155 Strawberry Lane Ashland
11 W. B. Biddle House to be located Medford
193 W. B. Sherman House Remodel location unknown Grants Pass
528 W. E. Hammell House Crater Lake Highway