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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort ascending Photo(s)
180 Charles Newhall House Alteration 1-Primary 2748 Old Stage Road Central Point
129 Harmony Point School Willow Springs Road Central Point
130 West Side School 3070 Ross Lane Central Point
21 Victor Bursell House 1-Primary 3075 Hanley Road Central Point
245 Unnamed 10526 Table Rock Road Central Point
400 B. E. Harder House 3-Minor 3531 Ross Lane Central Point
310 Unnamed 2748 Old Stage Road Central Point
404 F. W. Townsend House 1-Primary 3188 Ross Lane Central Point
336 Unnamed 1964 Old Stage Road Central Point
326 Raymond Driver House 1-Primary 4140 Old Stage Road Central Point
511 Carl Rau Auto Court (?) Seventh Street Central Point
307 Pomeroy 21612 Antioch Road Central Point
512 Oldsmobile Sales & Service I and Seventh Streets Central Point
249 Albert/Lorena Stratton House 1-Primary 2975 Hanley Road Central Point
244 E. P. Pickens House 10271 Table Rock Road Central Point