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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)sort ascending
416 Mission Apartments Holly near Medford
179 American Fruit Growers Building East side S. Fir between W. 9th & 10th Medford
417 Unnamed Corning and East Main Medford
RR3 Westerlund 2004 Hillcrest Rd Medford
127 Walter Bowne Garage East Main Street Medford
81 Lithia Theatre 166 East Main Street Ashland
342 Oregon Caves Lodge Oregon Caves
543 COPCO Building West Main between North Holly & Grape Medford
270 C. F. Nichols House 622 South Holly Street Medford
494 V. Katrina Unknown location
220 Prospect High School 34 Mill Creek Drive Prospect
134 (Vaupel, Beebe, Kinney), Perrines 3-Minor 31 - 33 North Main Street Ashland
418 Jackson County Nursing Home 5465 South Pacific Highway Medford
182 Roberts House Northeast corner of Black Oak & Acorn Medford
419 Unnamed 512 Avenue