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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort ascending Photo(s)
454 Unnamed 318 South Second Medford
40 George Porter House 2-Secondary 826 Minnesota Avenue Medford 89273.00
176 Charles/Catherine Conner House location unknown Medford
450 (Gambrel roof) 816 West Tenth Street Medford
263 Evan Reames House 816 Tenth Street Medford 89288.00
56b Medford Airport Hangar 3650 Biddle Road Medford
New51 I.O.O.F. Building 221 W 6th Medford
58 Holly Theatre 1-Primary 222 West Sixth Street Medford 89216.00
323 Frederick Johnson Remodel 2322 East Main Street Medford
457 Unnamed 608 South Qakdale Street Medford
RR2 Butler 28 North Barneburg Medford
365 Medford City Hall Remodel Fifth & Front Streets Medford
178 Pinnacle Packing House South Fir and West 12th Streets Medford
266 Ed Miller House South Pacific Highway Medford
57 Medford Country Club Building (original) 2660 Hillcrest Road Medford