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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort descending Photo(s)
75 Medford Airport Newell Barber Field South Pacific Highway Medford
176 Charles/Catherine Conner House location unknown Medford
124 Dr. Clancy House 2-Secondary 204 Medford Heights Lane Medford
263 Evan Reames House 816 Tenth Street Medford 89288.00
334 Powell Auto Company Building 109 East Eighth Street Medford
50 Medford Elks Temple 1-Primary 202 North Central Street Medford 89191.00
414 Alfred Ware House 1985 Kings Highway Medford
94 Roland Hubbard House 2-Secondary 831 Minnesota Avenue Medford
537 James Pulver Motel 1237 North Riverside Avenue Medford
77 Shetler/Henselman House 35 South Berkeley Way Medford
178 Pinnacle Packing House South Fir and West 12th Streets Medford
125 Washington School 2-Secondary 610 South Peach Street Medford
181 Constance Ames House 423 Park Street Medford
311 Firestone Building, Oregon Carpet Exchange 3-Minor 33 South Riverside Avenue Medford
266 Ed Miller House South Pacific Highway Medford