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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort ascending Photo(s)
800 Chapel of the Rocks and Roses, Chapel Mortuary On South Oakdale at King Street Medford
390 Fred Heath House 3-Minor 820 East Main Street Medford
194 Gain Robinson House location unknown Medford
276 Bohall House South of 3654 South Pacific Highway Medford
233 Dr. Martin C. Barber House Minnesota Avenue Medford
347 Warehouse Tenth and Medford
64 Fluhrer Building Remodel SE corner E. Main and South Central Ave Medford
253 Unnamed Box 2888, Ross Lane Medford
499 American Laundry 132 Central Avenue Medford
71 Unnamed 1840 South Stage Road Medford
542 Walter Quisenberry House 3-Minor 715 South Oakdale Avenue Medford
SOHS 2 2525 Lyman Street 2525 Lyman Street Medford
396 Zion Lutheran Church 1-Primary 508 North Fourth Street Medford
195 Kingdom Hall location unknown Medford
291 Robert Strang House 1100 East Main Street Medford