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Image Site Numbersort descending Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)
208 Chris Schempf Building Central Point
209 Milton D. Schuchard 830 Minnesota Avenue Medford
21 Victor Bursell House 1-Primary 3075 Hanley Road Central Point
210 V.F.W. Building Medford
211 T. L. Shoop House Medford
212 Lincoln School Addition Bartlett Street Medford
217 Mrs. J. S. Vilas House Vilas Orchard
218 Prospect Elementary School 34 Mill Creek Drive Prospect
219 Prospect School Gymnasium 34 Mill Creek Drive Prospect
22 Henry Van Hoevenberg House 1-Primary 9130 Ramsey Canyon Road Gold Hill
220 Prospect High School 34 Mill Creek Drive Prospect
221 Elk Creek School 591 Elk Creek Road, Trail off highway 62 Trail
222 Unnamed 6041 Rogue River Highway
223 Max Kearns House 700 Savage Creek Road Grants Pass
224 Jerome Juni House 7435 Rogue River Highway Grants Pass