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Image Site Number Namesort ascending National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)
153 Community Building 2-Secondary 340 South Pioneer Ashland
RR25 Coleman 1806 East Main St. Medford
201 Cleo Haley Young House 3249 Willow Springs Road Central Point
529 Clem Clymer House Unknown location (RR#3)
154 Clem Childers House Bear Creek Terrace Medford
33 Clark/Jackson House 1-Primary 1917 East Main Street Medford 89258.00
290 Clarence Lane House Laurel Street near North Main Ashland
RR22 Chrysler 1909 East Main St. Medford
328 Christian Science Church, Carpenter Hall 1-Primary 23 South Pioneer Ashland
208 Chris Schempf Building Central Point
92 Chauncey M. Brewer House 1-Primary 1811 East Main Street Medford
176 Charles/Catherine Conner House location unknown Medford
442 Charles Tilton House 237 Almond Ashland
405 Charles S. Black Lodge on Rogue River
119 Charles Rose House, Clark Cottage 1-Primary 550 East Main Street Ashland