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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)sort descending
391 Frank L. TouVelle House North Oregon Street Jacksonville
346 Bert Elliot House 1-Primary 5 Corning Court Medford
382 Unnamed 733 NW Third Grants Pass
309 Rebecca & John Jensen House 508 Park Avenue Medford
383 Unnamed 412 A Street Grants Pass
312 C. C. Wing Building NW Corner 4th and B Streets Ashland
272 Roosevelt School Addition 3-Minor 112 Lindley Medford
75 Medford Airport Newell Barber Field South Pacific Highway Medford
246 Shelby Tuttle House 9884 Table Rock Road Central Point
532 Jorgen E. Jorgenson 1913 Hillcrest (original house burned) Medford
201 Cleo Haley Young House 3249 Willow Springs Road Central Point
452 G. F. Billings Insurance Agency 3-Minor 45 East Main Street Ashland
487 T. Simpson Unknown location
154 Clem Childers House Bear Creek Terrace Medford
124 Dr. Clancy House 2-Secondary 204 Medford Heights Lane Medford