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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)sort ascending
224 Jerome Juni House 7435 Rogue River Highway Grants Pass
304 Frank Strickfaden House 2-Secondary 145 Almond Street Ashland
540 Horace Thompson Hilsinger Road near Pioneer Talent
189b Page Theatre Building South side East Main near Bear Creek Medford
94 Roland Hubbard House 2-Secondary 831 Minnesota Avenue Medford
491 William Young Unknown location (815 Bennett?)
135a Ashland Masonic Hall, Remodel #1 27 North Main Ashland
132 W. Henry Fluhrer House 3-Minor 112 Scheffel Avenue Medford
348 J. C. Penny Building 106 North Central Medford
508 Woodsmen Building, Knights of Pythias 3-Minor 143 North Grape Street Medford
416 Mission Apartments Holly near Medford
417 Unnamed Corning and East Main Medford
292 H. W. Williamson House Corning Court Medford
396 Zion Lutheran Church 1-Primary 508 North Fourth Street Medford
81 Lithia Theatre 166 East Main Street Ashland