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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort ascending Photo(s)
RR6 Sleeter 1715 East Main St. Medford
332 Thompson House Queen Ann Street Medford
412 R. L. Coe Building Sixth and E Streets Medford
49 Kimball Fruit Packing Company (?) North Grape Street Medford
20 Hob Deuel, Jr., House 1002 South Oakdale Avenue Medford
548 Groceteria Site of Educational Service District Medford
243 Harry D. Mills House Siskiyou Heights Medford
9 F. E. Merrick House 839 East Main Stret Medford
62 F. K. Deuel House 1-Primary 1018 South Oakdale Street Medford 89256.00
RR7 Owens 22 North Berkeley Way Medford
334 Powell Auto Company Building 109 East Eighth Street Medford
414 Alfred Ware House 1985 Kings Highway Medford
152 John Champion House 1801 Vivian Street Medford
407 Fred Scheffel House 3-Minor 2501 Lyman Avenue Medford
90 Medford Natatorium 120 North Riverside Avenue Medford