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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)sort descending
New51 I.O.O.F. Building 221 W 6th Medford
304 Frank Strickfaden House 2-Secondary 145 Almond Street Ashland
232 S. A. Nye House 5626 South Pacific Highway Talent
56b Medford Airport Hangar 3650 Biddle Road Medford
94 Roland Hubbard House 2-Secondary 831 Minnesota Avenue Medford
194 Gain Robinson House location unknown Medford
506 Jacksonville School Addition (?) Jacksonville
144 Mrs. E. P. Power House 100 Vancouver Avenue Medford
355 Mrs. A. Holloway House Burrell Orchards
442 Charles Tilton House 237 Almond Ashland
457 Unnamed 608 South Qakdale Street Medford
390 Fred Heath House 3-Minor 820 East Main Street Medford
300 Business Block NE corner North Central & East Eighth Sts Medford
160 Unnamed 20 Medford
305 John Chambers House 3-Minor 137 Almond Street Ashland