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Image Site Numbersort descending Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)
421 Reuben Hargrove House 185 North Pioneer Ashland
422 Unnamed 528 South Grape Street Medford
423 Unnamed Pioneer Road just west of Hillsinger
424 Five houses South Pacific Highway Medford
425 L. B. Hall Funeral Home C Street Grants Pass
426 Hull & Hull Funeral Home A Street (near Hough House) Grants Pass
427 Cornell House 421 B Street Grants Pass
428 Rogue River Lodge location unknown
429 Jean Cameron house 2946 Cedar Links Medford
43 E. V. Carter House 1-Primary 505 Siskiyou Boulevard Ashland
432 Unnamed Third & A Street Grants Pass
434 Phoenix Presbyterian Church Phoenix Phoenix
435 Larry Shade House 2-Secondary 989 South Oakdale Avenue Medford
436 Unnamed 486 Siskiyou Boulevard Ashland
437 Unnamed 670 Siskiyou Boulevard Ashland