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Image Site Numbersort descending Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)
45 Walter Bowne House 1-Primary 1845 Old Stage Road Central Point 89265.00
450 (Gambrel roof) 816 West Tenth Street Medford
451 Unnamed 2339 Hillside Drive
452 G. F. Billings Insurance Agency 3-Minor 45 East Main Street Ashland
452d Slaughter House 2355 Hillside Drive
453 Unnamed 404 NW A Street Grants Pass
454 Unnamed 318 South Second Medford
455 Seely Hall, Sr., Orchard House (East of 4-Corners) Medford
457 Unnamed 608 South Qakdale Street Medford
458 Unnamed 610 South Oakdale Street Medford
459 Unnamed North Peach and West Main Streets Medford
46a Reginald Parsons House/Hillcrest Orchard 1-Primary 3285 Hillcrest Road Medford
46b Hillcrest Orchard/Office Building 1-Primary 3285 Hillcrest Road Medford
46c Hillcrest Orchard/New Barn, Upper Ranch Barn 2-Secondary 3285 Hillcrest Road Medford
46d Hillcrest Orchard/Superintendent's House 2-Secondary 3285 Hillcrest Road Medford