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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort descending Photo(s)
323 Frederick Johnson Remodel 2322 East Main Street Medford
332 Thompson House Queen Ann Street Medford
533 John Moffatt House 3-Minor 34 North Berkeley Way Medford
117 Rialto Theatre (original) 123 West Main Street Medford
171 Mason-Ehrman Warehouse 340 South Fir Street Medford
212 Lincoln School Addition Bartlett Street Medford
65 Goldy Building (remodel) West Main Street Medford 89203.00
261 John Lawrence House 2218 East Main Street Medford 89284.00
263 Evan Reames House 816 Tenth Street Medford 89288.00
334 Powell Auto Company Building 109 East Eighth Street Medford
534 L. P. Older House 1-Primary 38 North Berkeley Way Medford
412 R. L. Coe Building Sixth and E Streets Medford
49 Kimball Fruit Packing Company (?) North Grape Street Medford
176 Charles/Catherine Conner House location unknown Medford
65 Goldy Building (remodel) West Main Street Medford 89204.00