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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)sort descending
352 Reed Tractor & Equipment Building
RR23 McQueen 2136 Hillcrest Rd. Medford
553 "Business Block" Northeast corner of 6th & Bartlett Medford
297 George Murphy Ranch
169 E. H. Janney House 2-Secondary 6 N. Modoc Avenue Medford
501 Hannon or Hansen Unknown location
230 Fred Rapp Farm 225 West Rapp Road Talent
434 Phoenix Presbyterian Church Phoenix Phoenix
447 Unnamed 337 West Main Medford
346 Bert Elliot House 1-Primary 5 Corning Court Medford
141 Golden Seal Creamery North Fir & West Third Streets Medford
New3b Hotel Medford, 6th floor addition 406 W. Main Medford
353 Houston Brothers House Buckeye's Orchard Phoenix
RR24 Spencer 2001 East Main St. Medford
272 Roosevelt School Addition 3-Minor 112 Lindley Medford