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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)sort descending
485 Enders Unknown location
119 Charles Rose House, Clark Cottage 1-Primary 550 East Main Street Ashland
47 Leverette Building, Montgomery Ward Bldg. 2-Secondary 115-121 South Central Street Medford
189c Page Theatre Building No.2, "Roxy Theatre" South side East Main near Bear Creek Medford
381 Unnamed 788 NW Third Grants Pass
388 John Mann House 3-Minor 815 East Main Street Medford
138 Cooley and Neff Building 340 North Fir Street Medford
351 F. Corning Kenly House (Glenview Orchard) Carpenter Hill Road Medford
74 Big Y Shopping Center
301 F. L. Camps Building 3-Minor 54 East Main Street Ashland
293 Thomas Swem House 38 Ross Court Medford
529 Clem Clymer House Unknown location (RR#3)
92 Chauncey M. Brewer House 1-Primary 1811 East Main Street Medford
226 Thomas Whiteford House 6062 Adams Road Talent
486 W. S. Barnum Unknown location (1684 Spring Street)