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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort ascending Photo(s)
SOHS 2 2525 Lyman Street 2525 Lyman Street Medford
253 Unnamed Box 2888, Ross Lane Medford
72 Unnamed 1984 Orchard Home Drive Medford
343 Osteopathic Clinic 215 East Jackson Street Medford
152 John Champion House 1801 Vivian Street Medford
424 Five houses South Pacific Highway Medford
549 Greyhound Bus Depot 212 North Bartlett Street Medford
407 Fred Scheffel House 3-Minor 2501 Lyman Avenue Medford
65 Goldy Building (remodel) West Main Street Medford 89201.00
10 James F. Campbell House 2-Secondary 1406 Kings Highway Medford
271 Arthur Tyo House Ross Court Medford
344 Dr. Howard House 1507 West Main Street Medford
235 Everett G. Trowbridge House 2-Secondary 3237 Jacksonville Highway (West Main Street) Medford 89261.00
154 Clem Childers House Bear Creek Terrace Medford
327 Pacific Home Telephone Building 1-Primary 131 North Bartlett Road Medford 89192.00