Hanley Farms Guidelines

The following text is a summary of the Hanley Farm Guidelines approved by the SOHS Board 10/24/18. Please use this link to read the complete guidelines.


Farm Managers:  vacant (2/15/19)

Farm managers coordinate day-to-day work of garden and maintenance volunteers and workers who are not under the oversight of the Family Nurturing Center. They oversee the safety, security and maintenance of the farm.


The Farm Operating Committee supports and oversees day-to-day management of the property, its employees and volunteers. The Board of Trustees develops and approves long-term arrangements. Shorter term usages are governed by contracts and use agreements.


SOHS volunteers who participate in events will follow the directions provided by event coordinators. Committee chairpersons or event coordinators need to check with a farm manager to avoid schedule conflicts with the Family Nurturing Center as regards the use of areas such as the pavilion or access to farm vehicles. Whenever possible, event items and equipment should be returned to their designated storage area within a day of that event.


Notify the Farm Managers prior to visiting the Farm if possible. The Managers generally open the gates between 8 and 5, Monday through Friday. If a visit is necessary at other times, prior authorization from a Farm Manager is required.

Most facilities at the farm are locked when not in use. Keys can be accessed by approved personnel from the Farm Office through a farm manager and should be returned immediately after use. (Farm Office is not staffed. It is located next to the permanent restrooms)

No smoking or vaping is allowed on the property. Visitors may not bring firearms or explosives onto the property.


Parking or driving on the lawns is not permitted. Parking is generally limited to the designated main parking area. With the exception of temporary loading zones, access roads and shoulders along the roads in the historic core need to be kept free of parked vehicles.


Hanley Farm is essentially closed to SOHS staff and volunteers during private events. Contact the Farm Managers if it is necessary to arrange a visit. During private events, roads leading to the reserved area will be closed to vehicles and marked with signage reading “Private Event – Guests Only.” Activities performed during special use times are limited to essential agricultural activities or maintenance activities. Noise-generating equipment should not be operated. Apart from emergency situations, repairs, pickups, and deliveries should not be scheduled during private event hours. The permanent Hanley Farm restrooms are only available to guests during private events.


Preservation of the historic fabric of the buildings, grounds, and artifacts at Hanley farm is the foremost responsibility of those who serve or visit Hanley Farm. SOHS personnel who use farm equipment or manage artifacts must read and follow the more detailed guidelines. Only personnel with prior approval and training may enter the Hanley house.

PETS – Only service animals are welcome at Hanley Farm.