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Wahler, H.F.G.

160 acres; Source provides detailed property location and size information

MS170 Over Sheriff's Sale for Delinquent Taxes
Wah Chung and the Chinese Community in Ashland: Late 1800s and Early 1900s

Walking Ashland article by Peter Finkle

Walk Ashland website
Wagner House

47 Granite Street, Ashland; owned by Jacob Wagner then his son Frederick Wagner.

Ashland, OR, Historic Houses, etc Wagner House Vertical File Subjects
W.H. Rardon & Co.,

MMT article 9-29-1910

VS Custom Hats

MMT 10-24-2014:  Art Fawcett, Jr.

Voting; Log Truck Accident; Jackson County Commissioners Meeting

Sign outside building: "Vote Here" / interior: poll watchers, voters signing in, walking to widely separated school desks to vote / putting ballots in ballot boxes / / long shot of wrecked log truck on mountain road / closeup shots of truck on side, More

M6E Box 7 61E/97E
Voting; Children Tour Newsroom

Earl Miller shakes hands with two men / closeups / / people enter and exit building, "Vote Here" by doorway / interior of gymnasium: people lined up waiting to vote / / interior, small children watch man operate teletype machine / closeups of children More

M6D Box 14 54E/97E
Voting on Scoville Road Zoning, Grants Pass

Man walks up to house with flag and "Vote" sign / intersection sign: Scoville Road and Greenfield Road / men (Josephine County commissioners?) on dais in front of blackboard

M6C Box 12 38E/97E
Voting in Gymnasium; College Registration; Courtroom Awards Ceremony

Poll watchers at tables in brick gymnasium / voters put ballots in ballot box / / young people waiting in line / man at head of line stamps papers / sign: "Registration Materials Here" / closeup of registration punch cards / pans across registration More

M6D Box 12 52E/97E
Voting at Jackson County Courthouse

Entrance to Jackson County Courthouse Auditorium with "Vote Here" signs / interior, with poll watchers, people waiting, people in voting booths / "Precinct Republican" and "Precinct Democratic" signs on booths / "Notice to Voters" sign about More

M6F Box 5 72E/97E

"Vote Here" sign on door; door opens, people go in and out / poll watchers at polling station / voters give ballots to watcher, she puts them in ballot box / more of same

M6F Box 14 81E/97E

Sign on lawn: "Vote Here" / voters, poll watchers inside busy brick gymnasium polling station / people voting / slow pan across scene / exterior of building with "Vote Here" signs / poll watchers inside different polling station / people voting / More

M6F Box 12 79E/97E
Voter Registration, Voting

People registering to vote / sign: "Register to Vote Here" / pan across people registering, voting machine / man in overalls voting in booth / closeup of clock reading 8:00

M6C Box 13 39E/97E
Voss, Ralph J. and Voss Eleanore M.

Voss, Ralph J. and Voss Eleanore M.

MS1269 7: 43
Voorhies, Colonel Pears Vertical File Subjects
Voorhies, Charles

Voorhies, Charles

MS1269 7: 46
Volkswagen-Train Wreck

Boxcars on tracks / people and uniformed nurse gathered around Volkswagen Beetle / man removes gurney from ambulance / woman on gurney / front of slightly dented Beetle / ambulance drives away

M6A Box 12 12E/97E
Vocational Agricultural Program, Phoenix High School

Tractor cultivating field / young men walk across field / boys drive two tractors working same field, boys watch / teacher shows flash cards of tools to classroom full of boys / shop scenes: tools, lathe, acetylene tanks, tire changer, boy working More

M6B Box 1 13E/97E
Vivo Center

MMT 1-13-1980, William and Shirley Inge

Visse, Harry and Visse Velma

Visse, Harry and Visse Velma

MS1269 7: 43
Visse, Dick

Visse, Dick

MS1269 7: 43
Visitors Information Center; Dog at Wayne Morse Campaign Headquarters

View through windshield driving south on Siskiyou Grade, Interstate 5 / Information/Rest Area signs, exit / pan across parking lot, visitors center area / pay phone / Visitors Information Center sign on building / staffers chatting, posing in font of More

M6F Box 4 71E/97E
VIPs Visit Veterans Administration Domiciliary

VIPs talk to old man lying in hospital bed / VIPs talk to man getting massage / VIPS walk on grounds of VA Domiciliary / they chat up old man sitting in chair and holding inscrutable object

M6F Box 12 79E/97E
VIPs Tour SOC Campus

VIPs wearing name tags exit building, SOC campus / pan across large group of adults on campus / group gets coffee, snacks, chats, loiters /

M6F Box 9 76E/97E
VIPs Take Aerial Tour of Rogue River National Forest

Tight closeup of man aloft in five-seater private plane, pan to map on his lap and typed document he's reading, pan across pilot and other passengers / map of Rogue River National Forest, passengers discuss / terrain barely visible out window as plane More

M6F Box 1 68E/97E