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United Air Lines B Roll

Customers at United Air Lines counter, Medford Airport terminal / United clerk behind counter / four-propeller United DC-6 airliner N37502 taxiing at airport, people waiting at gate in foreground / airliner taxis up to camera / man climbs stairs, More

M6F Box 11 78E/97E
Unique Cleaners

Med News article 3-8-1940

Union Meat Company

MMT 5-14-1909  Charles Schneckcloth

Union Livery Stable

MM article Oct. 5, 1894 & Dec 7, 1906  :  F.K. Deuel, Ed. Worman, Frank Mingus

MM article July 7, 1908:   Deuel & Kentner. Duncan & Koontz

Unbelievable (b) Page 246 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Unbelievable Page 245 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Umpqua Trapper

Collection of Umpqua Trapper from 1965-2018, the publication of the Douglas County Historical Society. Also included is a paper index of issues from 1965-2000. Located on bottom shelf of G2, beneath SOHS magazines. 

G2 bottom shelf Direct entry
Umpqua National Forest

USDA Forest Service map (1969)                                                              More

D03 F3 Maps, Plans & Posters
UMC Awards Banquet

Banquet scene: men go to dais and receive awards from congressman / shots of people eating / closeup of stacks of plaques and awards / Girl Scouts sing on stage / man speaks at lectern / dignitaries at dais

M6B Box 10 22E/97E
Ullom, Steve

Ullom, Steve

MS1269 7: 46
Udall, Elizabeth

Udall, Elizabeth

MS1269 7: 43

MMT 6-29-2017, 11-14-2017, 12-1-2017, Mark Carrigan, Alexander Martin, Nick Hilmton, Kevin Stine, Clay Bearnsom

U.S. Naval Reserve, Medford, Inspected

Interior: Naval cadets in uniform at attention / officer reviews troops / officer speaks / exterior: two officers talk by brick building

M6A Box 5 5E/97E
U.S. National Bank Grand Opening, Medford

Pans across crowded interior of bank / displays of historic photos / exterior of front doors: "Medford Branch United States National Bank of Oregon"

M6C Box 6 32E/97E
U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Speaks on Taxes

Shot of U.S. Capitol building / man standing nervously in park holding paper / man speaks--seems to think taxes are too high

M6C Box 11 37E/97E
U.S. Bank, Medford Computer Equipment

Women feeding checks into machine, punching numbers / man feeds stack of punch cards into reader / printer

Man may be branch manager Allan F. Perry. See Medford Mail Tribune, December 21, 1965, page 5.

M6B Box 16 16E/97E
U.S. Army Band, Camp White

Interior: Army band on stage, army chorus in front / pans across band, conductor

M6A Box 5 5E/97E
U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Forensics Lab. Where Past Meets Present, Page 37

U. S Fish and Wildlife Service Forensics Lab. Terry Grosz and Ken Goddard involved.

Where Past Meets Present, 979.5 P69
Two-Way Car Radio; Rummage Sale

Tight closeup of man's face / he enters car / seated in driver's seat, he talks on radio / tighter closeup of his eyes / talking on radio / leaves car--door of car says "Interagency Motor Pool"--walks toward camera / / rummage sale or antiques bazaar More

M6E Box 11 65E/97E
Two-Truck Accident, Galice Road

Pan across scene, patrol cars parked by road / crane moves logs spilled by road / slow pan across damaged log truck, "H. T. Slagle" on door / closeup of Slagle truck / pan across truck in ravine, loaded with concrete girder / slow pan across damaged More

M6C Box 2 28E/97E
Two-Car Accident; Ashland Groundbreaking

Police and bystanders at two-car accident on road in the woods / upended badly mangled VW beetle / / groundbreaking scene at real estate office on East Main Street south of Pioneer Street, Ashland /

M7A Box 7 88E/97E
Two-Car Accident, Interstate 5 and Highway 62

Traffic on I-5; pan to Maynard Hadley Chevron tow truck and Bell Studebaker truck;/ pan to Jeepster upside down, Bell Telephone logo on door; Buick with smashed front end. 

M6A Box 6 6E/97E
Two-Bits The World War II Hero. Where Past Meets Present, Page 429

Two-Bits was a local dog that survived two different tumbles off of Whiskey Peak look out.

Where Past Meets Present, 979.5 P69
Two Josephine County Car Accidents

Night: Attendants ease woman onto gurney and into Wheeless Ambulance Service ambulance / ambulance drives away / closeups of mangled 1958 Chevrolet in ditch / early morning: attendants ease different woman onto gurney / closeups of wrecked English More

M6C Box 3 29E/97E
Two holes in a Mountain Page 135 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55