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Ady, Marion

Ady, Marion

MS1269 7: 44
Aerial Footage of Rural Jackson County

VIPs examine contour map laid out on tail of airplane / aerial shot of river / shot of men inside cabin / aerial shots of forest, small fields and valleys along creeks

M7A Box 5 86E/97E
Aerial Shots of Rogue Valley, Crater Lake; Installing Street Lights on Ivy Street, Medford

Shots from airplane of snowy mountainsides, Crater Lake, hills, Medford in distance / Interstate 5 below / / new Medford City Hall, pan to workers assembling streetlight, crane lifts it into air / long shot of streetlights

M6E Box 10 64E/97E
Affidavits Water Mains No. 5 (public notices) December 7, 1911-January 6, 1912, in MacNeale and Urban safe City of Jacksonville City of Jacksonville Records
After Dark

Film, produced by Paulist Productions, probably no local content

Media cabinet 1, on top
Aftermath of Fire at 401 Oak Street, Medford

Closeup pans across burnt debris / interior, exterior shots of burned house

M6C Box 12 38E/97E
Aftermath of Motorcycle Parts Store Burglary; Unknown Meeting

Man opens chain-link gate / examines bent window screen / broken window / interior: broken boxes / he examines file cabinets, man on telephone at cash register in background / store counter: motorcycle helmets, parts, outboard motor on display / woman More

M6D Box 12 52E/97E
Aftermath of Wind Storm

Downed tree branches on street / branch on electric lines / pan down broken trees to branches on ground / branch hung up in tree, Central Point area / piles of branches under trees, pan up to trees / Perrydale Orchards sign hanging by one wire

M6E Box 7 61E/97E
Again With Roxy Ann Page 23 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Agate Dam and Reservoir

Slow pans across reservoir and dam / shots of scrubby oaks from moving car, car stops

M6B Box 12 24E/97E
Agate Dam Construction

Pan across construction site, conveyor loading earthmovers with dirt / graders, dump trucks, earth movers, caterpillar with sheepsfoot roller in action / pans across construction site / pan across concrete culvert in ditch / more pans across site

M6A Box 10 10E/97E
Agate Dam Groundbreaking and Construction

Closeup of "dam" wooden stake / man digging furiously with shovel / bulldozer digging / pans across dam site /

M6A Box 3 3E/97E
Agate Lake Estates Site Work, Meeting

Closeup of man wearing pith helmet, bulldozer at work in background / people schmoozing next to pickups parked in hills / bulldozer moving dirt / more of same / people walk across bulldozed area, pan across scene / pans across people standing, More

M6F Box 10 77E/97E
Agreement: Ginger Rogers, Q&A for Craterian Fund Raiser M11 B 2 Mezzanine List
Air Force Airman LaFleur

Good color, silent: Air Force noncoms examine thick manual standing in front of fighter jet, zoom in on Senior Airman LaFleur

M6E Box 12 66E/97E
Air Mail Anniversary Footage; Phone Books Delivered to KTVM

Silent, color completely faded to red: Rider gallops up to man holding horse, mounts and rides off (Pony Express reenactment) / Woodrow Wilson rides up in early car, speaks to pilot / mailbags loaded onto Curtiss Jenny / Jenny takes off / / B&W: More

M6F Box 4 71E/97E
Air Pollution Hearing; Ribbon Cutting at Medford City Hall

Pan across judges, court reporter / view of courtroom from back of room / pan across audience / smoke and steam emitting from stacks of lumber mill, log truck drives by / / speaker at lectern, open air / pans across standing audience, Medford City More

M6F Box 11 78E/97E
Air Traffic Service

Express Delivery Service

Ted Vandermeer

Medford Businesses A-B
Air West Airline Routes

Silent, good color: Air West jetliner in air / VIPs discussing in president's (?) office / maps of Air West routes / president (?) examines maps / closeups of model of airliner with new Air West livery / Air West liner in air again, banks away from us More

M6F Box 2 69E/97E
Airline Passengers Board Bus; Medford Airport Radio Beacon

Passengers boarding chartered bus / workers loading luggage onto bus from airport trolleys / / man indicates small metal building with antennas above roof / interior: he opens small metal cabinet / tubes and electronics inside cabinet

M6E Box 11 65E/97E
Airplane Crash; Biddle Road Work

State police and reporters hike uphill from private Cessna 150G airplane N22088 crashed alongside rural road / people examining wreckage / various shots of wreckage / man carries nose wheel to car / / street sign: Jackson and Biddle, pan to traffic on More

M6F Box 13 80E/97E
Airplane Wreck, West Coast Airlines F-27, in Snow

Pan across wreckage of airplane wreck in snowstorm / closeups of parts in snow / more of same  / ID number: N2712 / wallet or book lying in snow / view inside wreck

M6D Box 10 50E/97E
AKC Dog Show, Spiegelberg Stadium, Medford

Long shot, pan across field; cars parked on track and on field / closeups, medium shots of dogs and people showing dogs

M6A Box 11 11E/97E
Al LeGate at Grants Pass, Riding Horseback from Mexico to Canada

LeGate wearing vest, "More Trails Mexico to Canada" painted on back, covering saddle with tarp / closeups of man and horse / man rolls cigarette  / more closeups

LeGate was publicizing a need for more horse trails.

M6C Box 11 37E/97E
Al Sarena Mine

Discovery by Peter Applegate. Told by Lowell Ash.

Vol. 1 p. 55 Marjorie O'Harra Scrapbook