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Through Children's Eyes - Growing Up in SO (a) Page 13 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Throw Down the Box! Page 160 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Throw Down the Box! (a) Page 161 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55

MMT 1983  Sherm Olsrud

Tiller Creek Forest Fire

Bulldozer by smoking hillside / smoking area viewed from above / night: hot spots on hillside / forest fire at night /

M6C Box 4 30E/97E
Tilt-Up Slab Building Construction; Medford Heights Townhouses Construction

Crane lifting wall segments into place of large tilt-up building, various views, closeups of crew, crane driver, pans across scene / / pan across construction site, wooded hill / sign: "Medford Heights Townhouses," buildings under construction

M7A Box 8 89E/97E
Tim Trower: Playing Through

Sports Editor Tim Trower calls it a career after 31 years at the Mail Tribune Sports Desk

TR Vertical File Biographies
Timber Auction; Elementary School Classroom

Woman walks up to gridded blackboard: "Rogue River National Forest" / pan across sparse attendees / woman retrieves bid from man at table, entersinformation on blackboard / / elementary school teacher in classroom at blackboard, pan to students at More

M6E Box 5 59E/97E
Timber Auction; Fraternal Order of Eagles Event

Meeting in Jackson County Courthouse auditorium / closeup of speaker / spectators / woman handling checks / man at blackboard tote board labeled "Sale Name," "Volume," " App. Price," "Min. Dep." "Total" / / people wearing nametags registering for More

M7A Box 4 85E/97E
Timber Auction; Josephine County Fair

Pans across audience, Jackson County Courthouse Auditorium / man at gridded blackboard / women with adding machines / / sign: "Josephine County Fair Grounds," pan to ferris wheel / carnival scene / sign "Josephine County Fair Aug. 16-19, 1967" / More

M6E Box 4 58E/97E
Timber Auction; Medford Police Cadet

Official filling out paperwork at table, Jackson County Courthouse Auditorium / man displays twenty-dollar bill / pan across audience / official at large gridded blackboard labeled "Sale Name," "Min. Dep.," "Volume," "Total," "App. Price" / more of More

M6E Box 3 57E/97E
Timber Products Company Shutdown, Sale

Pan down printed notice: "Notice to All Employees--All employees are hereby notified that the assets of the Timber Products Company are being sold. Effective at midnight, August 31, 1967, all operations of the Tibmer Products Company will be shut down More

M6E Box 6 60E/97E
Timber Products Company; Sketch of Criminal Suspect

Pan across Timber Products Company building / follow pickup as it drives across grounds / / closeup of police artist sketch of young white male suspect

M6E Box 6 60E/97E
Timber Products Equipment Auction; Dunlevy Draws Winners on Television

Same auction sign as in SOHS Film No. 1185 / people milling about in parking lot, wigwam burner burning in background / interior of mill: table covered with tools, more milling about / sign: "Start of Sale" / pans across tools, equipment, people More

M6E Box 11 65E/97E
Timber Products Plywood Warehouse, Hand Loading Boxcar

Pan across railroad tracks at Timber Products / TP warehouse full of plywood / interior pans across plywood / men loading plywood into boxcar one sheet at a time

M6B Box 8 20E/97E
Tingle donation 2001.020.5 Tingle

Tingle donation 2001.020.5 Tingle

Mezzanine 48 A 1 Mezzanine List
Tissue paper pear wrappers for Del Rio Orchards; booklets and catalogs related to fruit culture,

Tissue paper pear wrappers for Del Rio Orchards; booklets
and catalogs related to fruit culture, insecticides, etc. 1897-1959;
1963.139.1.1, 1.3, and .2.2 Cordy, 1963.141.3 Cordy
Thornton S. Wiley oral history

Mezzanine 36 A 4 Mezzanine List
Titan Missile at Medford Airport

Missile arrives at airport in sections on two trucks / trucks jockey sections around to join sections / closeups, pans

M6B Box 16 16E/97E
Titus, C. Sutton, Jr.

Titus, C. Sutton, Jr.

MS1269 7: 43
To Him, Oregon was Dear Page 204 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
To SOHS Board of Trustees

Property Management proposal to repair, maintain, develop artifacts

M11 B 2 Mezzanine List

MMT 3-23-1938 B.O. MacKenna, Arthur D. Hess

The Rogue Magazine March 1910  W. F. Isaacs "Toggery Bill"

C. P. Herald 10-5-1911,MMT 3-20-1909, MDN 3-2-1933, Med News 1-21-1938

Toland, Charles W.

Toland, Charles W. (Dr.) and Toland, Sharon B.

MS1269 7: 43
Toloczko, Ray (Friend or acquaintance of Bennett's)

Toloczko, Ray*

MS1269 7: 46
Tom McCall Cuts Cake; 1850s Court Dockets; Medford Swim Team at Snowy Practice

Tom McCall shakes hands with girl wearing "Oregon Dairy Princess" sash and crown / they cut cake, serve Legionnaires / / pan across old handwritten ledgers / closeup: "July Term Probate Court July 16th 1853" / closeups of pages of court dockets / / More

M6D Box 9 49E/97E