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TV news film inventory 4

TV news film inventory

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Twelve display boards with mounted photos of Medford fire of 1969; photocopy of newpaper articl

Twelve display boards with mounted photos of Medford fire of
1969; photocopy of newpaper article 1998.027 Jackson Cty.
Fire Dist. #3

Mezzanine 47 C 4 Mezzanine List
Two Boys Hurt in Motorcycle Accident

Ambulance and gurney on street , motorcycle on its side / attendants put splints on boys' legs, lift them on gurneys, put them in ambulance / state policeman rights Honda motorcycle, Robara Boarding Kennels sign (2910 Table Rock Road, Medford) in More

M6B Box 10 22E/97E
Two holes in a Mountain Page 135 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Two Josephine County Car Accidents

Night: Attendants ease woman onto gurney and into Wheeless Ambulance Service ambulance / ambulance drives away / closeups of mangled 1958 Chevrolet in ditch / early morning: attendants ease different woman onto gurney / closeups of wrecked English More

M6C Box 3 29E/97E
Two-Bits The World War II Hero. Where Past Meets Present, Page 429

Two-Bits was a local dog that survived two different tumbles off of Whiskey Peak look out.

Where Past Meets Present, 979.5 P69
Two-Car Accident, Interstate 5 and Highway 62

Traffic on I-5; pan to Maynard Hadley Chevron tow truck and Bell Studebaker truck;/ pan to Jeepster upside down, Bell Telephone logo on door; Buick with smashed front end. 

M6A Box 6 6E/97E
Two-Car Accident; Ashland Groundbreaking

Police and bystanders at two-car accident on road in the woods / upended badly mangled VW beetle / / groundbreaking scene at real estate office on East Main Street south of Pioneer Street, Ashland /

M7A Box 7 88E/97E
Two-Truck Accident, Galice Road

Pan across scene, patrol cars parked by road / crane moves logs spilled by road / slow pan across damaged log truck, "H. T. Slagle" on door / closeup of Slagle truck / pan across truck in ravine, loaded with concrete girder / slow pan across damaged More

M6C Box 2 28E/97E
Two-Way Car Radio; Rummage Sale

Tight closeup of man's face / he enters car / seated in driver's seat, he talks on radio / tighter closeup of his eyes / talking on radio / leaves car--door of car says "Interagency Motor Pool"--walks toward camera / / rummage sale or antiques bazaar More

M6E Box 11 65E/97E
U S Bank exits Historic U S Hotel in Jacksonville

Tony Boom traces the history of the bank who closed during the pandemic.

Jacksonville, OR, banking Vertical File Subjects
U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Forensics Lab. Where Past Meets Present, Page 37

U. S Fish and Wildlife Service Forensics Lab. Terry Grosz and Ken Goddard involved.

Where Past Meets Present, 979.5 P69
U.S. Army Band, Camp White

Interior: Army band on stage, army chorus in front / pans across band, conductor

M6A Box 5 5E/97E
U.S. Bank, Medford Computer Equipment

Women feeding checks into machine, punching numbers / man feeds stack of punch cards into reader / printer

Man may be branch manager Allan F. Perry. See Medford Mail Tribune, December 21, 1965, page 5.

M6B Box 16 16E/97E
U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Speaks on Taxes

Shot of U.S. Capitol building / man standing nervously in park holding paper / man speaks--seems to think taxes are too high

M6C Box 11 37E/97E
U.S. National Bank Grand Opening, Medford

Pans across crowded interior of bank / displays of historic photos / exterior of front doors: "Medford Branch United States National Bank of Oregon"

M6C Box 6 32E/97E
U.S. Naval Reserve, Medford, Inspected

Interior: Naval cadets in uniform at attention / officer reviews troops / officer speaks / exterior: two officers talk by brick building

M6A Box 5 5E/97E

MMT 6-29-2017, 11-14-2017, 12-1-2017, Mark Carrigan, Alexander Martin, Nick Hilmton, Kevin Stine, Clay Bearnsom

Udall, Elizabeth

Udall, Elizabeth

MS1269 7: 43
Ullom, Steve

Ullom, Steve

MS1269 7: 46
UMC Awards Banquet

Banquet scene: men go to dais and receive awards from congressman / shots of people eating / closeup of stacks of plaques and awards / Girl Scouts sing on stage / man speaks at lectern / dignitaries at dais

M6B Box 10 22E/97E
Umpqua National Forest

USDA Forest Service map (1969)                                                              More

D03 F3 Maps, Plans & Posters
Umpqua Trapper

Collection of Umpqua Trapper from 1965-2018, the publication of the Douglas County Historical Society. Also included is a paper index of issues from 1965-2000. Located on bottom shelf of G2, beneath SOHS magazines. 

G2 bottom shelf Direct entry
Unbelievable Page 245 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Unbelievable (b) Page 246 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55