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Wolf, Warr

Wolf, Warr

MS1269 7: 46
Wolters Bakery

Times, 5-27-1887, Chas. Wolters

Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday

Very old woman (centenarian?) in hospital bed holding carnation, speaking / nurse talks with her /

M6E Box 10 64E/97E
Woman Drives Bulldozer; Courthouse Meeting

Woman at controls of bulldozer / she drives while being instructed by man standing beside her / speaker at lectern / /.different speaker, Jackson County courthouse auditorium / slow pan across listeners / speaker again (film badly developed) / More

M6F Box 13 80E/97E
Woman Receives Recognition; Brush Fire Demonstration; Truck Accident

Woman at lectern is applauded, handed plaque, shakes hands / exterior: she displays plaque, shakes more hands, closeup / / truck parked in field, "Fire-Weather Mobile Station U.S. Dept. of Commerce Weather Bureau" painted on side of camper shell / man More

M6D Box 14 54E/97E
Women Collect Signatures, Downtown Medford

Woman at card table on busy sidewalk, downtown Medford, another woman signs paper / woman stops, they talk, she signs / view of different woman at card table from across street

M6D Box 3 43E/97E
Women in U. S. Forest Service U.

Judy Frago and Chris Crawford working in Klamath National Forest at Somesbar, CA.  MMT 8-16-77

Vol. 2, pp. 264-265 Marjorie O'Harra Scrapbook
Women Pilots Group at Medford Airport

Private plane taxis at Medford Airport / group of women waiting on tarmac / woman emerges from airplane, waves, greets waiting women / banner: "Welcome 99S" / another woman emerges from another airplane

See Medford Mail Tribune, September 12, More

M6A Box 11 11E/97E
Women Stuff Ditty Bags at Red Cross

Women at work in warehouse / pan across items for bags: nail clippers, soap boxes, wash cloths / closeup of women at work /

M6C Box 14 40E/97E
Women's Food Boycott Meeting

Pans across audience in crowded meeting room / pans across women at dais / women speak / more of same / audience members speak, audience applauds / women holding babies

M6D Box 3 43E/97E
Women's Vote

Materials on 100 years of having the vote

voting Rights Vertical File Subjects
Wood Shavings Fire

Pan across site, smoke in distance, fire truck in foreground / closeup of burning pile, road grader drives past cutting fire line / pan across fire trucks, firemen

M6C Box 9 35E/97E
Woods, Dr. Marcus

MMT Obituary 9/22/1982

WO Vertical File Biographies
Woolworth Building

6-18-2015:  Car elevator


MMT article 7-7-1950

Work on Eighth Street Railroad Crossing; Agriculture B Roll

Flagman at Eighth Street railroad crossing, Medford / man with jackhammer, pan to stack of new railroad ties / closeup of jackhammer at work / closeup of ties, new section of track already assembled / men at work on crossing as cars pass / / windy day More

M6F Box 6 73E/97E
Worman, Edwin

Source provides detailed property location and size information

MS170 Over Sheriff's Sale for Delinquent Taxes
Wrapped ledger 1994.003.1 Leavens

Wrapped ledger 1994.003.1 Leavens

Mezzanine 43 F 3 Mezzanine List
Wrapped ledger 1994.080.1 Nichols, Marjorie

Wrapped ledger 1994.080.1 Nichols, Marjorie

Mezzanine 43 F 2 Mezzanine List
Wreck on I-5

Pans across damaged guard rail / closeups of debris / grille of wrecked late 1950s Plymouth / closeups of interior of car / extreme closeup of grille

M6C Box 14 40E/97E
Wrecked 1955 Chevrolet

Front end of 1955 Chevrolet that had been driven into a utility pole / pans, closeups of damage

M6D Box 10 50E/97E
Wrecked Airplane

Men examine wrecked private plane, area north of Medford Airport / closeups of damage to plane / hand chips away snow and ice on wing / shots of damage

M6E Box 13 67E/97E
Wrecked Car

Smashed-in front of car in field / pans across car / interior shot

M6D Box 1 41E/97E
Wrecked Car; Horse Show; Walk with a Pet Bear

Men walk to emergency vehicles on side of road / wrecked Chevrolet Impala convertible on mountainside / closeups of car / / horses being led from stables (northern California?) / smiling woman with ribbon / / group walks with young bear, wearing More

M6D Box 13 53E/97E
Wrecked Car; Medford Pharmacy Burglary Aftermath

Pans across wrecked 1955 Chevrolet sedan, closeups / / exterior, West Main Pharmacy, Medford / back door broken off hinges, closeup pans / interior of pharmacy storeroom / interior of pharmacy behind counter, empty spot where safe was / public area / More

M6D Box 8 48E/97E