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U.S. Hotel Renovation

U.S. Hotel Photos/Negs

M10 C 6 Mezzanine List
U.S. National Bank Grand Opening, Medford

Pans across crowded interior of bank / displays of historic photos / exterior of front doors: "Medford Branch United States National Bank of Oregon"

M6C Box 6 32E/97E
U.S. Naval Reserve, Medford, Inspected

Interior: Naval cadets in uniform at attention / officer reviews troops / officer speaks / exterior: two officers talk by brick building

M6A Box 5 5E/97E

MMT 6-29-2017, 11-14-2017, 12-1-2017, Mark Carrigan, Alexander Martin, Nick Hilmton, Kevin Stine, Clay Bearnsom

Udall, Elizabeth

Udall, Elizabeth

MS1269 7: 43
Ullom, Steve

Ullom, Steve

MS1269 7: 46
UMC Awards Banquet

Banquet scene: men go to dais and receive awards from congressman / shots of people eating / closeup of stacks of plaques and awards / Girl Scouts sing on stage / man speaks at lectern / dignitaries at dais

M6B Box 10 22E/97E
Umpqua National Forest

USDA Forest Service map (1969)                                                              More

D03 F3 Maps, Plans & Posters
Umpqua Trapper

Collection of Umpqua Trapper from 1965-2018, the publication of the Douglas County Historical Society. Also included is a paper index of issues from 1965-2000. Located on bottom shelf of G2, beneath SOHS magazines. 

G2 bottom shelf Direct entry
Unbelievable Page 245 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Unbelievable (b) Page 246 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Union Livery Stable

MM article Oct. 5, 1894 & Dec 7, 1906  :  F.K. Deuel, Ed. Worman, Frank Mingus

MM article July 7, 1908:   Deuel & Kentner. Duncan & Koontz

Union Meat Company

MMT 5-14-1909  Charles Schneckcloth

Unique Cleaners

Med News article 3-8-1940

United Air Lines B Roll

Customers at United Air Lines counter, Medford Airport terminal / United clerk behind counter / four-propeller United DC-6 airliner N37502 taxiing at airport, people waiting at gate in foreground / airliner taxis up to camera / man climbs stairs, More

M6F Box 11 78E/97E
United Airliner, Medford; Bank Opening, Ashland; Livestock Auction; Movie Set

Airliner landing, not at a local airport / schoolchildren at Medford Airport / United airliner taxis up to gate / closeup of passengers disembarking / inside empty airliner / / bank grand opening, Ashland / pan across spectators in parking lot / More

M6D Box 13 53E/97E
United Airlines Convair; Miss Rogue Valley Talent Competition

Mechanic works on wing of United Airlines twin-prop Mainliner Convair at Medford Airport / pilot boards / pan across airplane / views of empty passenger cabin / cockpit, controls / pan along belly of airplane from tail to nose / / dimly lit interior: More

M6F Box 1 68E/97E
United Airlines Jet Pilot School; Meeting

Sound, color, faded to red: exterior shots of building / pilots in classroom / cockpit training mockups in large room / small jet takes off / cockpit shots / "school for jet executives" / / silent, black and white: people  sitting in stands, More

M7A Box 7 88E/97E
United Airlines Promo Film; Medford Fairgrounds; Anti-Littering Footage

Good color, silent: aerial shot of airliners at terminal at San Francisco International Airport / pilot seen in cockpit of United Airlines jetliner from outside / plane taxis / interior of cockpit / jet airliner takes off, as seen from moving car / More

M6D Box 9 49E/97E
United Company of Oregon

4-6-2016:  Oil exploration in Oregon 1945 - 1960, J.H. Dawson, Lew G. Gilman, J.E. Zuber, C.C. Garlick, W. J. Crank, Ralph Greenwood, L.P. Mathes, Glenn Brown

United Crusade Banquet

Pan across banquet scene / board behind dais: "United Crusade 1966-67" "Goal $204,958.84" / man writes totals on blackboard /

M6D Box 1 41E/97E
United Crusade Banquet

Banquet scene: "1966-67 Campaign, Jim Beck, Chairman" progress tote board / pan across board, names visible: Martin Craine, Gene Kent, R. Schwalenberg, Marcel Thiebaud, Walter Draeger, Randy Warren

M6C Box 12 38E/97E
United Crusade Kickoff Dinner

Pan across banquet scene / band with large trumpet section playing  / speaker / more pans

M6C Box 10 36E/97E
United Crusade Luncheon

Exterior: man spray paints left halves of metal hard hats / interior: man at luncheon puts on hard hat, grins / speaker at dais in front of United Crusade sign / pans across luncheon; tables marked "Commercial," "Distribution," "Public Employees," " More

M6A Box 12 12E/97E
United Crusade Progress Report Banquet

Pan across men and sign: "United Crusade 1966-67 Campaign, Jim Beck Chairman, Jerry Clark Assistant" with goals and donation totals / they shake hands / sign with goals and division chairmen: Martin Craine, Gene Kent, R. Schwalenberg, Marcel Thiebaud More

M6C Box 11 37E/97E