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Verl G. "Barnie" Barnthouse

Railroad worker 1905-1960, mostly in Ashland. Locomotive engineer.

Vol. 1 pp. 64-65 Marjorie O'Harra Scrapbook
Vern Christy

Manager of Timber Corporation of Nepal. Interview MMT 196?

Vol. 2 p. 208 Marjorie O'Harra Scrapbook
Veterans Administration Domiciliary Office Dedication

Cutting ribbon in front of office / long shot of Domiciliary building / people in wheelchairs and folding chairs on lawn / dignitaries and priest exit office / stand for pledge of allegiance, color guard at dais / speakers at lectern / shots of crowd More

M6B Box 13 25E/97E
Veterans Day Parade, Medford

Medford, camera on Eighth Street by Alba Park, Federal Building under construction in background: Color guard / riderless horse / young spectators / high school band / 1930s car / color guard / flatbed float with veterans in wheelchairs and banner: " More

M6D Box 4 44E/97E
Veterans Domiciliary Craft Fair

Sign: "Veterans Administration Domiciliary" / shot of Dom from moving car / interior, craft fair: displays of crafts: paintings, leatherwork, woodwork, lapidary, model ship

M6B Box 12 24E/97E
Vets to the Rescue

Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center, veterinarian Diana Schroop and technician Katie Mourand describe the services they provide and some unusual cases.

979.527 M3, Our Valley, p. 108, 2015 Medford Mail Tribune supplement
Video Interface

Ashland Tidingss 4-9-1982, Ken Boettcher

Video tapes of county roads 2006.019.1 James 1

Video tapes of county roads 2006.019.1 James

Mezzanine 51 F 1 Mezzanine List
Video tapes of county roads 2006.019.1 James 2

Video tapes of county roads 2006.019.1 James

Mezzanine 51 F 2 Mezzanine List

Quoates from a letter from Vietnam.  MMT 10-15-1969

Vol. 1 p. 122 Marjorie O'Harra Scrapbook
Vietnam Demonstrations, University of California Berkeley

Pan from top of building across students milling below / telephoto closeup from above of tables full of literature / ground view: demonstrators march with papier-mache heads of "War," "Death," "Famine," "Pestilence," etc. / closeup of signs, "U.S. Get More

M6B Box 10 22E/97E
Vietnam Petitions at Southern Oregon College

In office, students examine three-ring binder full of signatures / student signs /

M6B Box 15 15E/97E
Vietnam Protest; Medford Fire Hall; Medford City Yards

Protesters carrying signs in front of federal building, 8th Street, Medford; Presbyterian Church in background / signs say: "Kill the Slant Eyes," "Kill the Viet Cong," "Blast the Commies,"  "Bomb Hanoi" / / meeting, Medford City Council chambers More

M6D Box 12 52E/97E
Vietnam War Flag Presentation; Civil Air Patrol Free Flights

Color guard marches, Santo Center, Medford / flag presented to young woman / spectators in folding chairs / reservists march past spectators / / Civil Air Patrol cadets under shade canopy by Medford Airport tarmac, N6551X in background / young man in More

M6F Box 6 73E/97E
Vietnamese Christmas; Deserted Medford

Air Force airmen and Santa Claus passing out Christmas presents to Vietnamese children as “Silent Night” plays / children going through gifts / GI holds up dress to girl / GIs feeding children sitting on their More

M6F Box 12 79E/97E
Views from Upper Klamath Lake

Views from boat speeding across lake / view of Mount McLoughlin in haze / cabin at lakeside / town, park from boat

M6B Box 14 26E/97E
Views of 10th and Front, Railroad, 1900 Depot; Postmaster with Law and Order Stamp

Man points down railroad tracks, warehouse district, downtown Medford, pan to distance / tracks in foreground, 1900 Medford freight depot in background / "Private Property" sign by tracks / traffic and street sign: 10th and Front / tracks and depot More

M6F Box 4 71E/97E
Views of a Hanging (a) Page 156 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Views of a Hanging (b) Page 156 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Views of a Hanging (c) Page 156 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Views of a Hanging (d) Page 156 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Views of a Hanging (e) Page 156 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Views of a Hanging (f) Page 156 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Views of Medford Airport; Hwy. 62 Interchange Construction; Daylight Savings Time Reminder

Pan across parking lot, tarmac from roof of Medford Airport terminal: West Coast airliner, bare tarmac, private airplanes, fuel truck, junked cars / hand in foreground points toward runway / / Crater Lake Highway from shoulder, pan to busy More

M6D Box 12 52E/97E
Views of Rogue Valley Manor

Views of Manor from below / pan up from entrance level, "Rogue Valley Manor" VW microbus parked in front / sign: "This Is a PRIVATE Residence for Members and Their Guests" / shaky telephoto view from creek level, radio antenna tower in foreground

M6D Box 2 42E/97E