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Tom McCall Speaks at Kiwanis Meeting, Amphicar on Rogue River

Men in suits leave meeting past camera / speaker at lectern / Tom McCall at lectern / McCall shakes hands / Amphicar amphibian automobile drives into Rogue River, drives around (Tom McCall as passenger) / passenger's-eye view of Amphicar entering More

M6A Box 12 12E/97E
Tom Vaughn Speaks at RVCC about History Building

Pans across banquet scene, Mary Hanley present / closeups of speakers / speaker with architect's drawing of building

M6A Box 12 12E/97E
Tomlin Box Co.

MMT 1-1-1928. John R. Tomlin, Floyd H. Hart

Tong Hack China Co.

40 Acres; Source provides detailed property location and size information

MS170 Over Sheriff's Sale for Delinquent Taxes
Top Gun

Former golf pro wisely navigated the danger zone. pp. 64-65.

Jim Wise, Lt. James Wise, Vietnam War, Rogue Valley Country Club, Lt. Victor Kovaleski, Lt. Luu Kim Ngo, final kill, MiG-17, Lt. John Ensch, Lt. Cmdr. Ronald McKeown, Southern ORegon More

979.527 M3, Our Valley, 2017 Medford Mail Tribune supplement
Top Notch Cafe

Medford News 8-23-1946.  Ray Dotson

Topping Out Medford City Hall; Mexico Map

Telephoto shot: Men carry evergreen to top of new Medford City Hall under construction /  VIPs follow / shot of same from roof of city hall / VIP in suit awkwardly scrambles to roof / VIPs on roof / one awkwardly climbs down (see photograph, More

M6D Box 9 49E/97E
Torry, Mary

162 Acres; Source provides detailed property location and size information

MS170 Over Sheriff's Sale for Delinquent Taxes
Touches of Harmony, Britt Festivals, 1963-1987 by John Trudeau

Touches of Harmony, Britt Festivals, 1963-1987 by John Trudeau (2 copies)

MS1269 7: 43
Tour of Duff Water Treatment Plant

Man in hat giving tour of Duff Water Treatment Plant under construction: interiors: men examine monitoring equipment / closeup of recording sensor / schmoozing, joking / exteriors: large steel pipe in ditch / worker in distance cuts pipe with chainsaw More

M6E Box 4 58E/97E
Tour of Half-Completed Providence Hospital

Sign: "Under Construction Sacred Heart Hospital" / pan across facacde / interior shots / nun gives tour / man speaks to group touring / crane lifts iron / men work on roof / tour on roof

See article on construction, Medford Mail Tribune, May 12 More

M6A Box 5 5E/97E
Tour of Jacksonville Derelict Cars and Junk Piles

Shot from moving car of old cars stored in yards and alleys / drive-bys of junk piles, more derelict cars

M6B Box 11 23E/97E
Tour of New Construction in Medford

Officials in suits visit new buildings and construction sites: Witham's Truck Stop / building site with earthmover at work / unknown building / Beaver Electric building / uncompleted building / Girl Scout headquarters / North Medford HIgh School site More

M6B Box 11 23E/97E
Tour of New SOSC Library; Wind Storm

VIPs enter building toward camera already inside, take off overcoats, go through turnstiles, up stairs, chat / / trailer house lying on its side / taped broken glass window flapping in breeze / South Ashland I-5 exit service station flag, signs, More

M6E Box 13 67E/97E
Tour of Providence Hospital

Exterior: pan across Providence / landscapers working on plantings / interiors: operating room / x-ray room / dignitaries tour building / patient's room / nurse's station / chapel / sign: Mary Norbert Hall / woman and nun unveil portrait of Sister More

M6B Box 9 21E/97E
Tour of Southern Oregon Experiment Station; Britt Festivals Children's Performance; Rotary Argentine Visitor

Men, including Porter Lombard, tour orchard at Southern Oregon Experiment Station / man speaks / pans along irrigation hose and seedling trees / tractor, disk harrow / Lombard talks about sprayer / / schoolchildren seated on grass in shade of tree, More

M6E Box 4 58E/97E
Tour of the Bells Page 79 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Tour of Truck Farm Near Jacksonville

Group of men and boys standing in field / sign: "Wade Barley" / men and boys examine grain / shot from back of moving tractor

M6C Box 8 34E/97E
Tower Sections on Train Cars

Ore cars on track in Rogue River (?), Texaco and Gulf stations in background / closeups of triangular antenna tower sections in cars, OK Tires in background / closeup of cable spools in car / more of same

M6F Box 9 76E/97E
Town and Country Estates

MMT article 2-21-1964

Town of Jacksonville No. 1 1899-1909 (general ledger), in MacNeale and Urban safe City of Jacksonville City of Jacksonville Records
Town Treasurer (general ledger) March 1890-March 1900, in MacNeale and Urban safe City of Jacksonville City of Jacksonville Records
Townsend, Eric

Townsend, Eric

MS1269 7: 43
Toy Repair for Christmas at V.A. Domiciliary

Closeup of battery-operated train running on floor / pan across Dom residents in workshop / closeup untangling jewelry, rock tumbler operating / man with table full of cars / men working on toy trucks / man spray painting toy / pan across room full of More

M6D Box 4 44E/97E
Tract House Construction

Bulldozer fills hole in lawn on new tract home / shot between houses, pan down row of houses

M7A Box 9 90E/97E