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Yasuda donation 1994.095.1 Yasuda

Yasuda donation 1994.095.1 Yasuda

Mezzanine 43 F 6 Mezzanine List
Yates, Jean and Yates, Sabina

Yates, Jean and Yates, Sabina

MS1269 7: 43
YMCA Grand Opening; Roseburg Parade

Luncheon scene: man speaking at lectern, shots of dais / pan from back of room / succession of speakers / / pan across exterior of Medford YMCA buidling / VIPs arrive / pan across brass plaque / banquet in gymnasium / more VIPs / Oregon Senator Mark More

M7A Box 3 84E/97E
YMCA Open House

Building exterior, YMCA on building / lobby / people in judo outfits exercising, tumbling / pool, pan up to ceiling, balcony / pan across people touring facility / sign: Physical Activities at Your YMCA with list of activities

M6B Box 13 13E/97E
Yocum, A.W.

160 acres; Source provides detailed property location and size information

MS170 Over Sheriff's Sale for Delinquent Taxes
Yocum, Adsit, Ferbrache, Hatfield, Hall, etc.
Box contains:
Has folders containing items from the following accession 
   numbers: 3208 Yocum; 3239.4 Adsit; 1963.116 Ferbrache; 
   1973.074.1 and .2 Hatfield; 1974.002.1 More
Mezzanine 42 A 1 Mezzanine List
Yorkshire, Boris and Yorkshire, Analee

Yorkshire, Boris and Yorkshire, Analee

MS1269 7: 43
Young's Drug Store

6/15/1945: Tom Young, B. L. Hunter

Young's garage

MMT article 3-30-1955: Young's garage sold to R. Keith Schulz

Young's Garage

MMT 3-30-1955:  Keith Schulz, William Young

Young's Stationery Store

Med. News 6/16/1950:  

Young, Marion L

Obituary ADT 6/22/2019,  List of "Street Scene" sculpture models, Pamphlet on her statue at Columbia University

Young, Marion L. Vertical File Biographies
Yreka and Seiad District

USDA Forest Service map (1955). Yreka and Seiad districts, Klamath National Forest, California Region. 

D03 F3 Maps, Plans & Posters
Yreka Quarterhorse Show

Exteriors: pan across fairgrounds, bleachers, horses and people waiting to compete / shots of horses being shown in arena / woman handing out ribbons / woman rides horse around course /

M6A Box 7 7E/97E
Zach's Appliance

Medford News 10-11-1946, Henry Zachariasen and Don Miller

Zaslow, David VF Biographies--Z Vertical File Biographies
Zentner, Barbara Scott (Friend or acquaintance of Bennett's)

Zentner, Barbara Scott*

MS1269 7: 46
Zentner, Mark (Friend or acquaintance of Bennett's)

Zentner, Mark*

MS1269 7: 46
Zoning Hearing; Ashland Rural Area

Exterior: Ashland Junior High School / interior: pan across audience / man with pointer and large maps on easel / more pans across audience, more shots of speakers / audience members stand up and speak

M6A Box 6 6E/97E
ZOOMSI Plane Arrives with Leopard Cub, Medford Airport

Banner on plane, Medford Airport: "Zoo Portland Oct. 28-29 + OMSI = ZOOMSI" / twin propellers on plane stop / "Lynn Mucken, Press" on man's sash, shakes hands with Mayor Dunlevy / more dignitaries with sashes disembark: Jean Watson, Will Jonny, others More

M6C Box 9 35E/97E
“We Are Here” Honors Native Americans

Walking Ashland article by Peter Finkle. The article features photos and information about the We Are Here statue by Russell Beebe and about Agnes Pilgrim, one of the subjects of the statue. 

Walk Ashland website