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Woolworth Building

6-18-2015:  Car elevator

Woods, Dr. Marcus

MMT Obituary 9/22/1982

WO Vertical File Biographies
Wood Shavings Fire

Pan across site, smoke in distance, fire truck in foreground / closeup of burning pile, road grader drives past cutting fire line / pan across fire trucks, firemen

M6C Box 9 35E/97E
Women's Vote

Materials on 100 years of having the vote

voting Rights Vertical File Subjects
Women's Food Boycott Meeting

Pans across audience in crowded meeting room / pans across women at dais / women speak / more of same / audience members speak, audience applauds / women holding babies

M6D Box 3 43E/97E
Women Stuff Ditty Bags at Red Cross

Women at work in warehouse / pan across items for bags: nail clippers, soap boxes, wash cloths / closeup of women at work /

M6C Box 14 40E/97E
Women Pilots Group at Medford Airport

Private plane taxis at Medford Airport / group of women waiting on tarmac / woman emerges from airplane, waves, greets waiting women / banner: "Welcome 99S" / another woman emerges from another airplane

See Medford Mail Tribune, September 12, More

M6A Box 11 11E/97E
Women in U. S. Forest Service U.

Judy Frago and Chris Crawford working in Klamath National Forest at Somesbar, CA.  MMT 8-16-77

Vol. 2, pp. 264-265 Marjorie O'Harra Scrapbook
Women Collect Signatures, Downtown Medford

Woman at card table on busy sidewalk, downtown Medford, another woman signs paper / woman stops, they talk, she signs / view of different woman at card table from across street

M6D Box 3 43E/97E
Woman Receives Recognition; Brush Fire Demonstration; Truck Accident

Woman at lectern is applauded, handed plaque, shakes hands / exterior: she displays plaque, shakes more hands, closeup / / truck parked in field, "Fire-Weather Mobile Station U.S. Dept. of Commerce Weather Bureau" painted on side of camper shell / man More

M6D Box 14 54E/97E
Woman Drives Bulldozer; Courthouse Meeting

Woman at controls of bulldozer / she drives while being instructed by man standing beside her / speaker at lectern / /.different speaker, Jackson County courthouse auditorium / slow pan across listeners / speaker again (film badly developed) / More

M6F Box 13 80E/97E
Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday

Very old woman (centenarian?) in hospital bed holding carnation, speaking / nurse talks with her /

M6E Box 10 64E/97E
Wolters Bakery

Times, 5-27-1887, Chas. Wolters

Wolf, Warr

Wolf, Warr

MS1269 7: 46
Wolf, Mrs. Nannie

Source provides detailed property location and size information

MS170 Over Sheriff's Sale for Delinquent Taxes
Wofford, J. Ralph

Source provides detailed property location and size information

MS170 Over Sheriff's Sale for Delinquent Taxes
Witzel, J.D.

160 acres; Source provides detailed property location and size information

MS170 Over Sheriff's Sale for Delinquent Taxes
Witteveen, Elaine (Friend or acquaintance of Bennett's)

Witteveen, Elaine*

MS1269 7: 46
Witham, H. Clay

MMT Obituary 1/4/1983

Wi Vertical File Biographies
Witham's Truck Stop Strike

Strikers on roadside with sign: "Withams Truck Stop Cafe Are Not Provided Benefits, Please Do Not Patronize" / pans across Witham's truck stop, restaurant, strikers

M6D Box 8 48E/97E
Witham's Truck Stop Opens

Pan across Witham's Truck Stop / Mayor Dunlevy cuts ribbon, backed by dignitaries / shots of crowd waiting to enter building / dignitaries outside / Reo truck for sale / interior, sign on truck: "Jackson County Log Truckers Association"

M6B Box 9 21E/97E
Witham's Truck Stop

MMT 4-19-2015:  Joe Stella

Witham's Battery and Electric

News article 5-22-1928

Witham Truck Center

MMT article 9-28-2011. Rod and Harlan Witham

With Their Bare Hands

Archaeologist, Jeff LaLande and Gregg Applen, describe the work and emotions that digging, sifting, and whisking through dirt to unearth artifacts brings and talks about different sites they've worked on.

979.527 M3, Our Valley, p. 64, 2015 Medford Mail Tribune supplement