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United Crusade Tote Board

Man at work on United Crusade charity tote board, Red Cross headquarters, Medford

M6E Box 9 63E/97E
United Crusade Tote Board; Washing Airplane, Medford Airport

Pan across United Crusade 1967-68 Campaign tote board: Martin Crane Chairman / goals, totals, closeups of totals for various mills, public employees / / young man hoses off private airplane N2131F, Medford Airport, washes tail / spectators

M6E Box 7 61E/97E
United Grocers

MMT 3/15/1981, William R. Pritchard

United Medford Campaign Luncheon

Banquet scene: speaker in front of tote board / table captains stand and report, applaud.

Names on tote board: Martin Herrin, J. R. Acheson, G. Clark, C. Webb, Dick McCandless, Willard Chinn, Jay Elliott, Calvin L. Jones, George Brennan, Dunbar More

M6B Box 1 13E/97E
United Way Crusade VIPs

Closeups of VIPs in suits schmoozing, probably Rogue Valley Country Club /

M6C Box 8 34E/97E
United Way Executive; Medford Police, City Employees

Man at desk on phone, looking through papers / closeup of United Way paperwork over his shoulder / more of same / / policemen schmoozing in office with Mayor Dunlevy / policemen taking photographs of people (city employees?)

M6E Box 7 61E/97E
Universal Combination Fence

D. Times, 3-18-1887

University of Oregon Press Conference; Memorial Day Ceremony

Young couple speak at microphones in conference room, flanked by lawyers / university buildings / sign: "Johnson Hall," pan to building / pan on quad across other buildings, past statue / bearded students with bicycles / shots of students on campus / More

M7A Box 2 83E/97E
University of Oregon; 1969 Boatnik

Onyx Bridge science building, University of Oregon / pan across sunbathers by Rogue River in Riverside Park, Grants Pass, Caveman Bridge in background / rock band playing in deep shade

M7A Box 2 83E/97E
University Open House

Good color: Young women unload suitcases, bedrolls from cars, enter dormitory of unidentified university / arriving at elevators / pan across crowds of teens assembling on grass football field / teens eating on grass / tight closeup of teenage boy More

M6F Box 6 73E/97E
Unknown Banquet; Lewis and Clark College Canoeists; Camp Withus Motel, Medford

Man speaks at lectern / closeups of dais, banqueters, speakers / more of same / / young bearded men don backpacks from aluminum canoes by river / they hoist canoes and portage / canoes are labeled "Staff Jennings" "Lewis and Clark Col." / / sign: "Do More

M6D Box 12 52E/97E
Unknown source donation 2004. to .21 and .27 Unk.

Unknown source donation 2004. to .21 and .27 Unk.

Mezzanine 48 D 6 Mezzanine List
Unmounted slides 1

21 color images, often less than full-size,or compromised by partial double exposure. Two images are of the paintings "Snap Two"; 1994 and "Spring Chorus"; 1993, a large painting or construction mounted on the door of a building.

MS1269 3: 16, 1
Uplifting: Mosaic Art Mural by Krista Hepford Walk Ashland website
Urban Cork

2019 Space Rentals

USAF Test of STOL Airplane

Testing short takeoff and landing Air Force twin-prop plane--views from runway and cockpit / plane lands and takes off on bumpy test runway

M6C Box 5 31E/97E
USAF Thunderbirds Perform

Jets roar over desert toward camera in formation, do barrel rolls, close formation flying / fly over camera. No narration or music, sound of jets only

M6C Box 4 30E/97E
USFS PSA for Campground Fees

Faded color, sound: Closeup of "Notice of Violation," pan across campground / voiceover explains that a fee is now required for camping / "You wouldn't fish without a fishing license" / closeup of USFS shoulder patch

M6F Box 5 72E/97E


Mezzanine 39 F 1 Mezzanine List
Vacant Ashland Field; Local Air Force Academy Graduate

Pan across field,  long line of boxcars on siding in distance, Ashland-Talent area / pan across field / pile of gravel on same field / street sign: Oak and Hersey Streets / car driving on West Main, Ashland / / good color: cadet at attention / More

M7A Box 2 83E/97E
Vacant shelf 1

Vacant shelf

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Vacant shelf 10

Vacant shelf

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Vacant shelf 11

Vacant shelf

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Vacant shelf 12

Vacant shelf

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Vacant shelf 13

Vacant shelf

Mezzanine 68 F Mezzanine List