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Vincent Gallo

Description of Ph.D. thesis on community leadership and infulence characteristics.  MMT 11-12-1969

Vol. 2, pp. 331-332 Marjorie O'Harra Scrapbook
Jerry Scarborough

Description of his timein Viet Nam.  10-26-1966

Vol. 2. p. 333 Marjorie O'Harra Scrapbook
Clara Bergman and Clarada Heintze

Description and pictures of their collection from world travels.  Daughters of pioneed Jake Walch.  MMT 19??

Vol. 2, pp. 334-335 Marjorie O'Harra Scrapbook
Joe Inman

Hydraulic mining in Golden, Oregon in 1964.  MMT 10-7-1964

Vol. 2, pp. 336-337 Marjorie O'Harra Scrapbook

Obituary, MMT 6/18/2020

DO Vertical File Biographies
Beighler, Don

Ashland City Band Director, MMT 6-7-2020

BE Vertical File Biographies
Davis, Viola

Obituary, MMT 6-9-2020

Davis Vertical File Biographies
Mangold, Michael Scott

Obituary, MMT 6-21-2020

MA Vertical File Biographies
Margaret Ruth Skerry

Obituary MMT 3-22-2020

SK Vertical File Biographies
O'Toole, Richard Dennis

Obituary MMT 1-26-2020

O Vertical File Biographies
Berryman, James T.

Obituary MMT 7-19-2020

BE Vertical File Biographies
Larson. Robert Louis

Obituary MMT 7-19-2020, Ascension Lutheran Church

LA Vertical File Biographies
Adult Land

MMT article 2-12-1982

Medford Businesses A-B
Advanced Air (HVAC)

MMT Summer 2019

Medford Businesses A-B
Air Traffic Service

Express Delivery Service

Ted Vandermeer

Medford Businesses A-B
Albertson's Inc

Grocery Store

Medford Businesses A-B
Allen & Reagan (Grocery firm)

MMT 11-3-1910  Reagan is retiring

Will be Allen Grocery

Medford Businesses A-B
Allstate Insurance agency

Mike Neilitz  MMT 4-23-2015

Medford Businesses A-B
Anne Brooke-Hawkins

MMT 7-26-2020

BR Vertical File Biographies

Publication of the Downtown Merchants Assocation. 1979 and 1980

VF - Medford, OR, Downtown Medford Association Vertical File Subjects
Hamilton-Brandon, GlenDora "Dodie"

MMT Obituary, 8/9/20 

Hamilton Vertical File Biographies
Lloyd, Susan

MMT Article, 8/12/2020

Lloyd Vertical File Biographies
Earhart, June

Obituary MMT 10/31/1937, MMT Articles 7/24/1949 and,3/22/1998

Earhart Vertical File Biographies
Dr. William L, Barnum

Obituary MMT 4-22-1998

Dentistry Vertical File Subjects
Klein, Michael

MMT Article 11-22-1998

Handmade musical instruments

Musical Instruments Vertical File Subjects