8. Folder "Correspondence, Resolutions, and Memorials

{Continued) Box contains: ALL SHOULD BE MS.//8. Folder "Correspondence, Resolutions, and Memorials of the // Legislative Assembly Relative to the Prices of Supplies, // the Hostilities of the Indians, and Protection of the Immigrants // in 1854"

- printed in 1857//9. Folder - Student paper by Robert Stedman "A Short History // of the Medford School System from 1925-55"//10. Folder - Beekman letters compiled by Dawna Curler from the // Beekman Papers at U of O (Said to be MS 468, but MS 468 /
/ is already assigned)//11. Folder - Copy of a portion of a letter from the Bancroft // Collection at U of C, but no writer or recipient indicated//12. Folder - Appointment of John Kelsey as Captain of Company // B 2nd Regiment Oregon Mounted Volun
teers 2-18-1856//13. Folder - Image of gravestone - "In Memory of I. Hill - // Died 4-15-1864"//T. F. Royal handbill, Copco photos

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Mezzanine 31 A 1.2

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