Additional Indexes

Even the most thorough online search cannot cover all the materials in the SOHS Archives, but these resources provide a great beginning. 

Address List

A search for the history of a house or building can begin here. This list includes various cultural inventories in Jackson County plus SOHS's files. It does not include all of SOHS's architectural drawings or photographs of houses, which are listed in the Mega Index. Many houses and buildings are not included, but SOHS does have city directories and phone books that may provide clues to former residents. SEE ALSO: Frank Clark Inventory.

As it Was Stories

As It Was Stories, sponsored by Southern Oregon Historical Society and Jefferson Public Radio, are heard daily on JPR. This site provides a keyword search for all of the stories and either the full text or a link to the JPR website for full text and audio version. Be careful with keyword searches. One word or a phrase works.


View photos and brief biographies of people who lived in southern Oregon.  Many made significant contributions to our area, some just have interesting stories. 

Century Farms and Ranches in Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon Historical Society's Century Farms and Ranches project celebrates the Southern Oregon families that have maintained their agricultural properties for 100 years or more. This project covers farms and ranches in Jackson, Josephine, Klamath, Curry and Coos counties. SOHS's work in this area is in association with the Oregon state Century Farms and Ranches project.

Frank Clark Inventory

Frank Clark was southern Oregon's most renowned architect. Southern Oregon Historical Society produced an inventory of his projects, and ranked each building. SOHS adds to this list if staff learns about a Frank Clark building that was missed on the original inventory.  

This index is the main index for SOHS photographs plus multiple other sources available at the SOHS Library, but it does not cover everything!. To begin a search, enter a name or other key word(s) in the DESCRIPTION window and click on APPLY. To return to full results, delete everything from the window and click APPLY again. 

PastPerfect Online Catalog

The Online Catalog not only covers SOHS books, pamphlets and manuscripts, but also its artifacts, with full color photos and detailed descriptions. Just browsing the catalog is a virtual trip to a museum. This is also a secondary source for searching SOHS photographs and maps. It overlaps with the Mega Index but neither one duplicates the other (SOHS also still has a physical card catalog that is not entirely included in the online catalog).

Post Offices

Curious about Jackson County's vanished communities? This list of post offices, which links to digital versions of original documents, covers places such as Asbestos, Swastika and Whelpley Oregon. 

Southern Oregon Historical Society/Southern Oregon University Photos

This searchable website presents a selection of about 800 of SOHS's historical photographs, plus an exhibit of Peter Britt photographs.