Daylight Saving Time Reminder Film

Nationally produced (Westclox?) Daylight Saving Time reminder film--nighttime, Times Square, New York City: Illuminated crawl around building: "2 a.m. Move Clocks Ahead One Hour" / 10:16 p.m.: Westclox Sign with giant Big Ben clock / closeups of other signs with clocks / men climb scaffolding behind Westclox Big Ben at 2:00 a.m. / closeup of man adjusting mechanism / view from street of clock hands moving ahead one hour / still night: two men arrive at clock shop, exasperatedly begin setting hundreds of clocks (and hourglass--get it?) ahead

Box or location: 

M6A Box 4 4E/97E

Description on can: 

Daylight Time-Clock Gimmick 4-23-65

Date of film creation or publication: 

Circa 1965



Length of film: 


Notes or comments: 

"News clip 59 sec" written on holddown tape




Black & White