Icons of Agriculture: Central Point's Community Roots

Central Point was the first History: Made by You community. Lacking a local historical society, it seemed like the ideal location to test the project. At a public forum in January 2011, facilitator and exhibit specialistAlice Parman engaged the audience in a conversation about local issues, such as new transportation patterns and changes in the economy, and changes that no one talks about, like an increase in crime and drug use. Then the discussion shifted to the historic roots of these issues.

Ultimately, the forum attendees chose buildings as a focus for their exhibit. A committee made up of Central Point residents organized to develop the exhibit. Based on ideas discussed at the forum, the committee realized that the story of Central Point’s agricultural heritage could be told symbolically through the history of specific buildings. Using Seven Oaks Farm, Mon Desir restaurant, the Rogue Creamery, and the Grange Co-op grain elevator, the group conceived an exhibit highlighting family farms, the local orchard and dairy industries, and the cooperation and unity of the area’s agricultural community

"Icons of Agriculture: Central Point’s Community Roots" debuted on June 10th at the PremierWest Bank in Central Point. Objects displayed in the exhibit included farm equipment from Seven Oaks, dairy and cheese making equipment from the Rogue Creamery, a rain gauge from the Grange Co-op, and a baby gown worn by an infant in the pioneer Dean family. Exhibit photographs and text were printed courtesy of Fidelity Quick Print. The exhibit also traveled to the Jackson County Fairgrounds, the Sterling Savings Bank in Central Point, and the Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport, with a total estimated attendance at over 50,000.