Lake Creek

Wire by Wire: How the Telephone, Fencing, and Electricity Came to Lake Creek" explored how the community changed with the introduction of these new technologies. First installed at the Lake Creek Historical Society through February 22, 2012, the exhibit moved to the Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport February 22, 2012 - March 21, 2012, followed by the Rogue Valley Mall March 21, 2012 - April 25, 2012.
public forum and potluck was held on Tuesday, September 20 at the Lake Creek Historical Society. Experienced exhibit planner, Alice Parman, led the group through the process of discovering the history behind the issues and identifying community resources that can help develop a meaningful exhibit. Participants decided to explore the idea of wire versus wireless in their community. Bonded by more than simply geography, Lake Creek’s determination and spirit of self-reliance helped forge the unique character of their rural community. The use of wire reflects the story of this community, as seen through the history of the telephone, fencing, and electricity, to illustrate the different ways residents united to change their lifestyles. A map of Lake Creek traces the community’s development and depicts many of the original homesteaders.