Bennett Photographic Prints

The bulk of Bennett's photographic prints were filed in the top two drawers of cabinet 11 and the vast majority were dated (starting in 1982) and numbered.  Many of these numbered photos had duplicates that were filed either in these same drawers or found elsewhere.  And many unnumbered photos, especially from the years prior to 1982, were scattered thorugh the collection, This index contains a general outline of each of these groups of photos, along with a more detailed description of many photos.

These photographic prints were numbered as "Year.Roll.Print (e.g. 75.12.25)". The following listings for Photo Boxes 1 to 11 include Bennett's descriptions when available, and also the titles of his art works when they are pictured.  In the case of non-art photos for which he provided no description, some general descriptions are given, but without specific photo numbers.  Some photos of particular interest are described in brackets.  The negatives for these photos can be found in the Negatives Notebooks

 There are some gaps in these numbered photos, and when possible they have been filled by scanned images from the negatives. These substitutions are noted in the description of the individual film roll.  The absence of an image is usually because of a blank or damaged negative, but in some cases both neither a negative nor a print were found.

The entry for each film roll consists of a list of the types of images that are present (e.g. flowers, people, art, etc).  With few exceptions Bennett wrote only the identifying number on each individual print.  In the relatively few cases when he did provide descriptions of individual prints, it was in the notebooks containing the negatives for these prints  When such descriptions are available they are included (within quotation marks) as a separate entry for each such print.  

Separate entries are also included for images of Bennett's individual works of art (as in the Art Notebooks, the titles of these works are also enclosed in quotation marks).  Finally, Bennett collected certain of his photographic prints and distributed them according to subject matter into set of envelopes and a small album, all of which came to the Society in a small box.  Each envelope was labeled with a subject (e.g. "Pioneer Days in Jacksonville") or a number and contained from 2 or 3 prints up to 20 or more.

Although the prints have been physically removed from the envelopes and the album (and are now contained either with the main photographic boxes or in the duplicate boxes, their identity as a member of that select group is noted in each case, on the assumption that they were selected and grouped by Bennett because of their particular significance to him.  Individual numbered prints are listed only when they provide a good image of a piece of Bennett's art work or because Bennett himself singled them out for special attention.  Bennett created a set of envelopes with subject headings or numbers 

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