M46A Box 4

Blueprint copy of 1843 map, “

Profile of the Route from the Mouth of the Kansas to the Pacific by Capt. J.C. Fremont in 1843,”

Oregon Trail—no accession number, inscribed “Guy Conner”

1998.92.6:Memoirs of Ben Day 1912-98, interview by Elizabeth Udall, obituaries

1998.92.3:1944 autographed copy of Oregon Geographic Names, by Lewis McArthur

1998.92.4:Accordion file with folders relating to Rogue Basin Flood Control:

“Applegate” folder:1970 groundbreaking program, Rogue Basin Project1973-76 Applegate Dam correspondence, memoranda, clippings, Corps of Engineers information paper,environmental impact statement

No folder:1975 Elk Creek Lake environmental impact statement, 1954 congressional hearing on Talent division of Rogue River Basin Reclamation Project,

Untitled folder:1967 and 1974 testimony booklets on Rogue Basin Project, map and itinerary of tour, information paper for Applegate Lake, June 1973 Medford Chamber of Commerce newsletter supporting Rogue BasinProject, 1972 economic analysis, 1973 newspaper clippings, 1974 notes for “talk to Sr. Hi—Medford,”proposed statement for Sen. Packwood’s hearing 1973, 1973 letters supporting Applegate Dam“Elk Creek”

folder:1973-76 supporting correspondence, fact sheet, clippings, correspondence, status reports; 1975 minutes of Water Policy Review Board; 1964 blueprint of entire Rogue Basin Project; 1975 status report with maps, Medford division, Rogue Basin Project “Rogue Basin—76”

folder:1975-76 Rogue Basin Project correspondence, testimony, history Water Quality Management Plan,articles of incorporation, statement of purpose; 1962 and 1975 newspaper clippings1998.92.2:1953-67

ledger, Valley’s End Ranch, Earl and Edna Day1998.92.1:1955 Metsker’s map atlas of Jackson County