Phillip Dairy probate record 1855


Marion County probate record for Phillip Dairy, husband of Cynthia and father of Basil. It looks like Phillip ran a boarding house in Jacksonville called the Miners Home. 

Looks like some significant people enjoyed the Dairys' hospitality:

Mr. Kanes (page 2) now has a creek named after him.

"Mr. Hearn" (page 9) might be Dr. F. G. Hearn.

"My brother Basil Dairy" (page 33)--looks like baby Basil was named after his uncle.

Interesting that when Basil was eleven he signed his name "B. B. Dary" (page 39)

John R. Hardin (page 47) was a justice of the peace, one of the first people killed in the 1853 Rogue River Indian war:

Charles Williams (page 48) was a gambler who killed a guy with a stool at the Dardanelles in 1860 or '61.

Columbus Sims (page 63, probably page 5 too) was one of the principals in the 1852 Alcalde Rogers case: