Event Coordinator Checklist for Volunteers

We realize Event Coordinators are generally volunteers. Our intention is to clarify their role and assist them as much as we can, not to require extra effort.  

1. Request from SOHS staff  a list of volunteers who participated in the upcoming event or project in the past along with volunteers who have indicated a willingness to volunteer for the event or project.

Event Coordinator needs to advise what the list should show, i.e. Name, Phone #, Address, past activity, etc

Provide a Volunteer Sign In Sheet that will capture the following (for data input purposes):

Date, Name, Time in, Time out, Total Hours, Volunteer Phone # and/or e-mail, and Activity

This will also help in keeping correct contact information on file.

2. Ask SOHS staff to send an e-mail blast for potential volunteers if you wish to have that done - provide details.

3. Prior to event or project, send a copy of volunteer schedule or list to SOHS staff, who will verify there is an application on file with the Liability Waiver signed.

If missing, a volunteer application with the volunteer’s name on it will be sent to the Event Coordinator to be filled out.

4. After the event or project, check the list over and edit where necessary, i.e. Total Hours, Activity.  

5. Give the Volunteer Sign-In Sheets to the SOHS staff

SOHS will keep the sign-in sheets on file to provide information for future events

6. Display the Volunteer Brochure at all events.  

NOTE: Volunteer applications can now be filled out and submitted online. (http://sohs.org/volunteer-app)


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