New Water Pumps

With the radiator repaired and back in place, Phil, Mike and Joe filled it with coolant and were ready to take it for a drive around the parking lot--which they would have done if the leaks hadn't been so intractible.

Turns out one of the petcocks and one of the water pumps is leaking. This is actually a good thing. The stock water pumps on the old Ford V8s were notoriously inefficient--they did a better job of stirring the water than actually pumping it through the engine. Not a good thing for a fire truck that will spend much of its future idling in parades in the summer heat. We'll replace them both.

I'll drive to Bob Drake's in Grants Pass tomorrow and pick up a pair of redesigned, modern water pumps and we'll install them next Tuesday--if one of our stalwarts will bring a floor jack. Fun fact: the engine mounts are molded into the water pumps, so we need to jack up the engine to replace them.

Mike Trump wired in the turn signals two weeks ago, and Tuesday he fixed them so we'll be able to turn in both directions. More wiring to do: license plate light (it's never had a license plate on it), red signal light and spotlights.

I got a phone call today from the company in Arkansas rebuilding our instrument panel. They say they're on track to have it in our hands the middle of June--with a lifetime guarantee. It'll cost us $750.

If you haven't visited the engine yet, we work on it every Tuesday at least 11-1:00 (and sporadically on other days). You can find us at 3263 Biddle Road, Medford, in the back. We'll let you run the siren!

Ben Truwe

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